You, yes you!
Are you ready to build and boost your confidence?
To connect all the dots and dig deep to create your brand?
Style a genuine brand that truly reflects you?

Dig deep into your core, your abilities, and entrepreneurship, to find and define what makes you, YOU!

What is Branding?

Are you just starting out in your business, wearing so many hats you have no idea how to make it all look connected?

Are you tired of your corporate life and ready to start ‘something’ creative but not sure what that is or how to do it?

Are you ready for a re-do? You’ve had your business up and running for a while but the style just doesn’t suit you?

In today’s world, you are your brand. Find out how to be consistent and optimize for the best results.


Clarify, Simplify, and confidently move forward with your brand!

The Workshop

The one day workshop enables you to focus on your core foundation, streamline your decision-making process, move forward in your business with confidence.

Boiling down your brand into a 2-word brand descriptive that will make defining your business a cleaner and more confident process. While also defining your sense of style.

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Recent Workshop Participants...

  • If you give yourself the opportunity to experience the TrueSelf Branding workshop, led by the outstanding Michelle Balaun, be prepared to dig deep, be vulnerable, connect, make insights and bring your essence to all aspects of your life. Worthy every second of a full day, worth every penny. Take it from this Inspired Family Peacemaker 💚

    Yulimar Trumbo
    Yulimar Trumbo
  • Truly feeling bold and brilliant after the True Self Branding day with Michelle Balaun. Thank you, Michelle!

    Maritza Coscarelli
    Maritza Coscarelli
  • I had the pleasure of being part of “True Self Branding Workshop” It was a dynamic, engaging and interactive experience for me! This workshop was very insightful and made me realize the power in my self-branding. Michelle delivered in an excellent manner!!!

    Valentina Moretti
    Valentina Moretti
  • I am deeply grateful for all your guidance. The true Self Branding workshop launched my brand in a powerful way. I am excited to have you as a resource to guide me the rest of the way.

    Dilcia Morales
    Dilcia Morales
  • The workshop helped me focus on my strengths and driving forces. I learned how I am perceived (by others) and what motivates me to do the work that I do.

    Judy Joffe
    Judy Joffe
  • Michelle's "True Self" session was empowering and gave each of us what we needed to progress to the next step!

    Tricia Keyes
    Tricia Keyes
  • This has been a great workshop giving me clarity, insight, and confidence to follow my dream. Thank you for your support and guidance.

    Karen Good
    Karen Good
  • I am so grateful to have found Michelle Balaun on my path at the right moment.
    I struggled with keeping myself accountable with others due to my resistance to rules. Michelle has a way to communicate that makes accountability seem like pleasure, light and easy. In my sessions with Michelle, I also had a chance to face some limiting believes I was using as excuses to not move forward.
    In summary having Michelle as a mentor helped me to have an effective pitch ( I used to speak too much), my confidence when talking in public has improved, I have now tools to present a pitching deck, and I appreciate her sharing many other tools that have helped me grow my non profit organization aZul for Better Living, Inc.
    Sandra Raffaelli
    Sandra Raffaelli Founder and Co-creator
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