Logo, schmogo… there is more to your brand than a logo!

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It's not all about the logo baby!

When you think of branding, you might think “logo” but your brand becomes the shorthand of what you stand for!

Imagine if …

…your brand really showed what you do?

…all the colors, fonts, and images were consistent?

…the mission statement was crystal clear?

… and you were really really proud of your brand presence?

Guidance and Support

Michelle’s guidance and support were invaluable as we worked to brand our company. She provided us with unique insights that helped us identify our core values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. She was always professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Michelle went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction, and she truly cares about her clients’ success.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and passionate brand marketing expert to take your business to the next level, Michelle is your go-to person.

Cecilia Rooks, Marketing, Independent Sales Rep

Your Brand is like a tattoo!

Michelle Balaun, Brand Director

A brand is like a tattoo!

Just a little less permanent.

Are you feeling crushed, instead of crushing it? Does your to-do list keep pushing the branding stuff to the bottom and you wish you could wave a magic wand and just have it finished?

Aha! I’ve got the magic for you, quick, useful, easy ways to make your branding woes disappear in bite-sized little chunks. Who am I? I am your magical branding fairy godmother!

trueselfbranding confidence

We needed a brand image that would distinguish us from our competitors

TrueSelf Branding helped us to launch our company. We had a name but needed to have a brand image that would distinguish us from our competitors.

Michelle created the brand logo and maintained our brand image in all of our marketing materials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). When we launched in February 2017, we were unknown, and in a few short years, Michelle has helped us to cut through the clutter of social media and build our audience. We have over 15K page views per month and have very strong name recognition.

Janice Weinsoff and Tracey Kinker Gebert Founders, HaveUHeard.com


trueself branding story

Can't figure out what to do next with your BRAND?

I have yet to meet someone who is 100% confident in all their branding. Sometimes it feels like there is too much to review, and since I like the ‘couture’ touch, each solution is unique. Schedule a call with me to talk abut what branding solution would work best for you.

Game Changer for My Business

Working with Michelle has been a game changer for my business. My existing branding did not accurately depict the passion that fuels my work. With Michelle’s guidance and expertise, I have found my ‘voice’ and brought it to life in my brand.

Michelle really digs into your business and learns about you, your style, services, and vision, and places herself in your seat. Her ideas have been incredible and have pushed me to think out of the box as well. I value Michelle’s perspective, especially in the design arena where I am still very much a novice. The structure of the program flowed perfectly- each week’s topics flowed into the following with adequate time in between to get the homework done.

Last and certainly not least, working with Michelle has been FUN! Many of our sessions were held at the Magic House which is just stunning. She is fabulous and I highly recommend her services if you are ready to level up!

Julie Allyson, Founder You Decide

Julie Allyson
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