I am not crazy about the word coaching.

The word coaching really gets a bad rap. I can hear your eye roll from here. It sounds kind of la-la but your business is unique to you. Your experience and your product are in your special flavor. There are tons of branding courses, classes, lists, and programs that give you a one-size-fits-all map of how to brand yourself and your biz… Great, I know they have a lot of good information but you have to sort, find and implement the steps that are most useful to you. Yeah… I’m gonna need you to work all weekend!

Refreshingly, there is a way to get the info and attention your specific brand needs. 1-2-1. Ok, I’ll stop playing with the numbers, one-to-one coaching gets the magic. While my Brand Audit can outline the ways you are getting it right and missing opportunities, the new Magic Show, is the magic! Every business is unique, focus and attention to your uniqueness gets you the best result. Here is how it works, 2 days of intensive work on your brand, 1 day conceptual, core message, mission, CTA, then 1 day concrete, actual to-do list of what to do next with partners who can help get it done. You can come to the Magic House for live sessions or we can do them virtually, either way, you get the energy, creativity, and attention only 1-2-1 brand coaching can provide.

1-2-1 = 2-1-1

When you get one 1-2-1 coaching at the Magic House, you get 2-1-1. The 2 days have a specific goal. Day 1 is CONCEPTUAL meaning we deep dive into your mission, message, and CTA for your specific niche. This is the hardest part of a brand. It sets the tone of absolutely everything, without the hard work here your brand only skims the surface. It never gets solid footing and bounces along without strong direction. Day 2 is CONCRETE which means we outline the next steps and the specific work that needs to be done AND… contacts to get that work done. Some coaching gives you all the airy-fairy soft ideas, but the concrete day is the hammer and nails on how to get it done. Perhaps you are not able to physically show up at the Magic House door, we will do virtual sessions that are just as effective and fun. Oh yeah, this will be fun!

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