100 Days to Make it Meaningful

What do you need to do by the end of this year to make it meaningful?

As of today, there are 114 days left to this year we call 2020. Many of my plans, as I am sure yours too, were thwarted by the unprecedented events (2020=unprecedented, BTW) that 2020 threw at us. Us – meaning the entire world. This isn’t a local blip, nope, it went global, hahaha viral!. Yes, it was crappy and yes it was severely life-altering. We’ve had enough time complaining, enough time adjusting, enough time relearning what to do with ourselves at home. Don’t waste the year, or mark it off as a do-over, what I am asking you to do is to decide to make it meaningful.


Your relationships have become more intimate, casual relationships have fallen away. When you talk or look at someone, you actually take it more to heart, you have compassion and understanding as we are all struggling to get through this weird situation. This time has shown us who we really are, and who really means something to us in our lives. Are you thinking of that friend you can wait to see when we are allowed to hug each other again? 2020 has taught us more about our humanity and our relationships.

Buying Stuff

Just going to the store used to be a hobby activity. We strolled, and gazed and entertained ourselves inside the halls of consumption. Then it shifted to getting it all delivered to your door via Amazon. The shopping experience was rudely whisked away and the digital method inserted. Not quite the same. But that certainly didn’t stop us from buying stuff to fill that shopping shaped hole in our minds. When the stuff we were so used to getting was missing from the shelves, maybe we learned just a little that we can get along with less, perhaps even eliminating some stuff completely. 2020 has taught us to be more mindful of what we need and buy.


This was pretty wild, actually spending time in your house and not being able to escape to the car to drive to some other location so as not to look at the wall that needs painting, or the closet that needs sorting. Home became a place where we live, work, eat, sleep, the same 4 walls, every day, for 6 months. Are you counting the days when you can go on a vacation? Instead of disdain, look at that very stable house and be thankful for the shelter it provided during this time. Good, bad, or ugly it housed you and kept you dry. 2020 taught us that home is our shelter in the world.


The dear internet, these days are filled with Facebook live, Zoom calls, and lots and lots of web stuff. The connectivity we need as lifeblood has brought all kinds of new opportunities to our fingertips. Without this simple link, we wouldn’t have been able to manage this. This little invention of the web, laptops, smartphones have brought so much freedom and information into our lives. Yes, you need to be discerning what and how much you imbibe. But that is your freedom of choice, how to consume the virtual, digital highway. 2020 taught us there are new ways to do business and connect.

I am sure you have an opinion on these topics, but before you jump to conclusions, just consider, all these things made 2020 meaningful, this is not a trashed year, there were lessons and true value in what we’ve experienced. Sure you can jump on the meme bandwagon and joke about the terribleness of 2020. Rember what Mary Poppins said, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. 2020 is the nasty medicine we needed to swallow, your attitude is the sugar to help you find the meaning. With a little more than 100 days left, now is your chance to make 2020 meaningful for you.

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