Are you an April Fool?

As the saying goes, there’s no fool like an old fool! And that would be me! Because yes, when else would I be born and I definitely qualify as old. After some intense thought, I decided to give anyone on my email list a series of 100 Ways to Evolve your brand. Sign up to get the whole PDF. You will get super useful branding ideas to get your brand looking brand new!

This is exactly why I created 100 Ways to Evolve Your Brand. To help you…

● Eliminate unnecessary wordiness
● Fix your profiles and make them consistent
● Feel like your brand represents you

Don’t fool yourself into thinking your un-updated brand is ok as is. It’s not. You haven’t reviewed your website lately? Your profiles are not consistent? Do you even have a mission statement? Often we do fool ourselves into thinking my clients know what I mean. Really? Clarity, conciseness, and personality are all needed (I bet you thought I would use another word starting with c). I do not want you to be a fool at all that is why you will get 100 Ways to Evolve Your Brand this April only.

These are actionable steps that I use in my Brand Audit so I must be crazy right? But wait there’s more! If you want to have it done for you, you can get $100 off your Brand Audit in the month of April. Use code TRUESELF at checkout. I would recommend getting your Brand Audit scheduled now as the price is set to increase after this month. Whether you opt for a DIY version or the whole shebang of getting a personalized brand audit you will win the branding journey. And no, this is NOT an April Fool’s joke!

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