The 4 Elements

I believe there are just 4 elements of branding. Yep, just 4. Which 4 elements, hang on you’ll see in a minute. The reason I have boiled it down to just these 4 is that I think they carry enough weight to encompass the whole branding ideology. Simple wins every time. So with that mindset let’s dive into the 4 elements of branding ala’ Michelle.


Only you know your brand, its voice, its feel, its mission. You need the power to express and promote that brand. Confidence in standing up and making your mark. CONFIDENCE is the core of your brand. When you think of branding, you might just think of a “logo” but branding is a way of identifying your product or service or… you. Today whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, we all have a brand. If you don’t create it one will get created for you, without your input or consent. Branding yourself, your business or your personal mission is a modern way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is that makes you the better choice. Branding creates a voice for you or your company that reflects your message. This brand, your brand, becomes the shorthand of what you stand for. Having the confidence to choose your mission and develop your brand is the first step.

Being the face of your brand takes a lot of confidence. There are several ways you can “get” more confident, here are a few ideas. You know when you have a ‘good hair day’ or you have an outfit that makes you feel…POW! You probably haven’t dressed the part for a while now due to Covid, so stand up straight with your shoulders back and put on your jeans! Mindset is a very powerful boosting method. I have a Pinterest board with lots of motivational quotes, that I browse through before a big meeting to get my mind working in the right direction. Words silent or spoken have a big impact on your mood.


Connecting to your confidence will give you the power to DECIDE what you want and what direction you want to go. When you have all the options in the world it’s hard to decide. The more you narrow your field of possibilities the easier it becomes to make decisions. Sometimes we freeze when making a choice. I believe that comes from a heightened sense of thinking there is only one right answer. In reality, there are many outcomes to every kind of choice. I struggled with choices in the past, worried that it might not be a perfect choice. Only to find out there is no perfect choice because time doesn’t stand still everything keeps evolving. So a choice you made in March, might not be a good choice looking at it from now. But …now listen to this… at the time it was a good choice based on the information available. Getting stuck in the decision-making process due to fear of making a mistake, is a big mistake.


Perfection is the arch-enemy of DO. Struggling with getting everything perfect will block any forward movement. Not sloppy, but good enough for now. We now have the luxury to be able to easily update anything with a few keystrokes. Really, just do it. Strive for excellence, which sounds better than perfection, doesn’t it? Somewhere we get trapped into thinking if it’s not perfect I will look foolish, I will look sloppy, I will look unprofessional. Not posting or launching will definitely keep you and your ideas a big secret. No one will ever have the opportunity to be empowered by your particular magic. It is easier today than ever to edit a misspelling or correct a date. Guess what you are not getting graded on this life. If you don’t do it, then it will never ever happen. Waiting for more inspiration or information and then launching your business 6 months from now, only delays your learning curve. Until you put it out there scars and all you will not know what the next logical steps should be.


CONSISTENCY Go all-in, show up, be there for your clients. But, you are not married to your brand choices forever, however, sticking with your brand until you evolve it to your next incarnation is the way to go. What is that magic glue that makes a brand stick? How do those big brands do it? Think of some brands like Oprah, Mercedes, Starbucks they all are quickly identifiable. But why? It’s not just that all the visuals line up. Of course, they all have a staff of thousands to make sure every detail is in line and aligned with the brand. What is the brand promise that comes through? That mission is the through-line of all the touchpoints they have with every client. The consistency of the brand is not just the logo, images, or colors you use to represent your product or service. It is the underlying reason you do what you do. And doing it on a consistent basis.

See it is very simple, the 4 elements of branding explained. If you would like some guidance or an overview of where your branding is now, message me for a free 30-minute chat.

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