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Women of a certain age… yes I am now a member of that group and have been for a while. I wanted to hear from women about how they are living, working, and enjoying this stage of life. If you’re 60 and… listen in, and if you’re not listen anyway!


Ageism exists and it is real…Women have been achieving great things even within the constraints of our social structures. At some point we can feel invisible, this is the chance to hear the stories of the wins, losses, and draws we’ve all experienced.

“I just finished listening to one of the podcasts which was extremely interesting and uplifting. You are a great interviewer and bring out the best in your guest.” – Ellen

Episode 10

Next destination! Creativity, art, travel, experiences, challenges!

Wendy Deacon is all about the next destination in your life story. She inspires you with ideas, resources, and recommendations to make this life chapter after 40 your best. A champion for aging fearlessly, you’ll immediately feel the energy and uplifting when you work with Wendy.  Join her group, Inspiring Your Next Community.

Episode 11

Everything that forced me down showed me the power to rise.

Beth Wilson-Parentice, CEO of WOW Sparkling a spirit-free sparkling beverage, has a lot to share about re-creating yourself. She grew her first beverage creation, Sipp, from her kitchen to a national brand but then things changed. Her book, You Glow, Girl! was published shortly after the ending of her connection to the brand. But the comeback kid! Did it again!

Episode 12

Honor Every Color in your Rainbow!

Rachael Kay Albers is a creative director, business comedian, and brand strategist gone wild. Think of her as the court jester o’ online business, writing and laughing at the intersection of branding, pop culture, tech, and identity. When she’s not muckraking about marketing, Rachael runs RKA ink, a reinvention studio, and branding agency for businesses that burn the rulebook.

Episode 7

It’s not about being a trailblazer, it’s about Forest Gumping.

Karen Baetzel is a fusion of a tough-minded senior military leader, a successful corporate executive, and a gifted speaker and trainer. Her ability to engage her audiences and offer immediate tools and practical takeaways are a hallmark of a BattleAxe product. With a grateful heart and a salty dose of Navy humor, Karen dedicates her work to sharing the lessons of superior leadership and inspired living, both to pay it back and pay it forward.

Episode 8

Just when you thought it was safe to retire…

…you become the Breaking Bad house. Kathi McCarthy has one mission in life: to make every individual across the globe aware of the likelihood that they are being exposed to meth toxins in their own homes. After a 30-year career as an executive in banking and lending, Kathi discovered that her upscale family home in Evergreen, Colorado, had become a center for meth production and consumption. Founded Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance to save human lives and livelihoods.

Episode 9

Your yes is only as strong as your no.

Samantha Kennedy, Communication expert, east coast transplant to Denver, and the owner and founder of Lemon and Stripe, a social media management agency – I have always been a connection-creator, creating authentic connections between my clients and their audiences. As a certified sign language interpreter she has a unique advantage in developing Social Media strategies. Now, uses this superpower to “translate” information about a brand into social media content.

Episode 4

Allow yourself to be written, your story matters.

Donna Mazzitelli talks about the amazing 60s! She’s 65 and will be publishing her first memoir later this year. She is also a writing coach, editor, and publisher and started two businesses in her 50s. She now works with writers and authors to get their stories out into the world and helps craft them with HEART.

Episode 5

Change the way we see ourselves, the way others see us, and the world.

Julie Ulstrup, a professional portrait photographer, had not had a portrait since high school. At the age of 54, had a professional portrait shoot and it changed everything. When you see your radiance in a photograph you see the essence of who you, it changes everything.

Episode 6

Not everyone needs therapy but everyone needs a coach.

Nancy McKay, Horses are magic! After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer on her 58th birthday, perspectives on life changed. She wanted to do something more aligned with her new values. Started training to be a life coach in 2017 and after an encounter with horse coaching, she changed her business.

Episode 1

Recreating her life in the most creative way.

Catherine March, co-owner of Affordable American Insurance-P&C Agency in CO, wasn’t always an insurance agent. A single mother who raised 3 kids, Catherine has fearlessly lived her life by the motto “Leap and a Net Will Appear” Currently, she is working on her next adventure, a lifestyle company called “The Vegan Artist”.

Episode 2

Little things can make big changes over time.

Debbie Thompson, a certified health coach & creator of “DREAM♥solution,” specializing in helping women over 40 who struggle with weight loss, emotional eating & body image. Transform your lifestyle, health & body one tiny step at a time. Discover an abundance of energy, take your power back, and show up as your most radiant you.

Episode 3

70+ life may not be the party we hoped for, so we may as well dance.

Diana Loy, taught music at Conniston & Lake Worth Jr. High. Moved on to follow a dream of becoming an Equity Actress, then found it better as an avocation. Works part-time and does Community Theater, Toastmasters, teaches private voice in Greenacres, and Coaches for Joyful Change.

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