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Meet Michelle Balaun

I’ve experienced a thing or two about branding. My background is in The Devil Wears Prada industry. I’ve done literally everything in fashion. From hours of time on the sales floor (in high heels!), computer data input, buying, styling, photoshoots, fabric design, fashion shows, wholesale, retail, to private limos and corporate jets. Been there, did that, got the T-shirt.

I trained on the basics right here in the heartland of the USA, then I learned luxury branding while living in Europe, working for the American brand St. John Knits. I have learned through all my years in the Fashion industry exactly how brands work and the best and easiest way to move forward in branding. The flexibility and understanding I gained from working with various countries have given me the open-mindedness needed to comprehend what a brand needs. So if you want to know all the elements that go into a brand or how to understand packaging and images. I am your brand ‘Director’!

I live in hot south Florida in a 70’s style condo on a golf course that I renovated by removing the walls, revealing polished concrete floors, and adding barn doors. I have the biggest kitchen you’ve ever seen, and a teen-aged assistant, my rescue dog, Phoebe.

Let’s create an extraordinary brand.

I started TrueSelf Branding so I could help solopreneurs find their way through the tangle of should, musts, and problems of branding their own business.

Whether you’re more of a pearl-white-on-the-walls kinda gal or you go straight for the screaming pumpkin passionate pink (like me), there is a flavor to explore. I’ll show you how to create the juiciest parts of your brand so you can be proud of your brand, your business, and all your accomplishments!

“I am so grateful to have found Michelle Balaun on my path at the right moment. I struggled with keeping myself accountable to others due to my resistance to rules. Michelle has a way to communicate that makes accountability seem like pleasure, light, and easy. I appreciate her sharing many other tools that have helped me grow my non-profit organization aZul for Better Living, Inc.” – Sandra Raffaelli, Founder aZul for Better Living Inc.
“Working with Michelle is just what any entrepreneur is looking for. She is quick, witty, and so knowledgeable. I needed to get a handle on all my branding. When I spoke to her she said, “I’m like your branding fairy godmother” and she is just that and so much more. She organized the mishmash I had in my head about where I wanted my business to go. Her ability to get my message and create a brand that reflects who I am as a professional is unique, strategic, and effective.” – Eva Benmeleh, Psychologist PhD
“TrueSelf Branding helped us to launch our company. We had a name but needed to have a brand image that would distinguish us from our competitors. Michelle created the brand logo and maintained our brand image in all of our marketing materials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). When we launched in February 2017, we were unknown, and in a few short years, Michelle has helped us to cut through the clutter of social media and build our audience. We have over 15K page views per month and have very strong name recognition.” – Janice Weinsoff and Tracey Kinker Gebert Founders,
“I originally reached out to Michelle of True Self Branding to help me improve my elevator pitch and she was not only able to help me speak clearly and effectively about what makes my company unique but she also delivered a complete brand deck that I’m using to revamp all of my digital communications. I’d found myself getting stuck on how to speak to what seemed like two different audiences, our clients and our team members and she helped me gain both the clarity and confidence to fully embrace our unique value. ” – Laura Gouin, CEO, Satiated Artists
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