Meet Michelle Balaun

Brand Director. Brand Strategy. Detail and overview expert. Survived the 70s.

Most of my career has been in the fashion industry and I lived overseas in Germany for 15 years. Lots of travel and unique business experience worldwide allow me to be an excellent liaison in translating branding for any business owner.

One thing I’ve learned after working with a luxury fashion brand is how important ‘fit’ is. This is how I feel about branding for business. I believe in a couture-style approach rather than a cookie-cutter formula. Everyone’s business is unique and I love drawing out that particular quirkiness and developing that in their brand. Like the designers in the high fashion houses, translating an idea into the right fit is an art. This is what I emulate and create with my clients.

Sounds Fancy?

Well, it is fancy, and fun.

Discovering the brand concept that lies within is the best feeling ever. I investigate, uncover and bring the core idea to the surface. Yes, I am an editor, cutting through all the unnecessary stuff that is blocking your real message.

My message here is – to be authentic. That is what will separate you from all the others in your same field. There is enough for all, this isn’t pie.


Testimonials from Real Clients

“Michelle really digs into your business and learns about you, your style, services, and vision, and places herself in your seat. Her ideas have been incredible and have pushed me to think out of the box as well. I value Michelle’s perspective, especially in the design arena where I am still very much a novice. The structure of the program flowed perfectly- each week’s topics flowed into the following with adequate time in between to get the homework done.” – Julie Allyson, Founder of You Decide
“I am fortunate to have a talented professional friend and expert branding coach (worth EVERY penny she charges) to help me uncover the essence of my business and “translate” it all into colors, images, style, and everything related to my new brand. Michelle has made the uncovering process a fun, full of learning, and empowering one.” – Yulimar Trumbo) Founder & CEO Piña Ventures
“Before Michelle worked with me, my branding game was like a sad, tragic bowling trip – nothing but gutter balls all day! But now? Hah! With Michelle’s fine-tuning, I got the right moves and the perfect groove, and we’re just knocking down pins like they owe us money! Pow!” – Toni Ronquillo, Founder, BeARichNurse.com
“Michelle’s guidance and support were invaluable as we worked to brand our company. She provided us with unique insights that helped us identify our core values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. She was always professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Michelle went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction, and she truly cares about her clients’ success. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and passionate brand marketing expert to take your business to the next level, Michelle is your go-to person.” – Cece Rooks, Marketing, Independent Sales Rep at Roof Tech Sales and Associates
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