Apprentice in a good way…

We’ve all heard¬†Malcome Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule, he said you need 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery. Is it true? If you have started a new online business in the last few years, you are probably still in the apprentice phase of learning. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. This is part of the process. we live in such a high-speed world where things are done in seconds. Do you remember sending an important letter? It took 1-2-3 days to reach the receiver. Then, they would need to read it then reply back 1-2-3 days. Now email even ‘takes too long’. We text, and expect a reply back, immediately!

Often clients ask me for instant results. Ain’t nobody got time for instant results! Learning to do something right takes time. It takes mistakes, recalibration, and more attempts. While you are doing that the whole world marches on, changes, updates, new processes. How are you supposed to ever keep up? And voila the Brand Audit gives you the map of fixing, updating, and creating what your 24/7 sales rep needs!


So how do you get 10,000 hours of branding experience? First, you need to have had the apprentice period in your career. I am sure you have your own 10,000-hour expertise in some field. Mine is branding.

And I have the talent of being a liaison meaning I can communicate between 2 parties that might not understand each other. Perfect! If you are in apprentice mode then learning about your public presentation is of utmost priority. Your web presence is your 24/7 sales rep. Anyone wanting to buy from you only has one connection, that mystical wifi bringing you right to their device.

Let’s say you’re going to hire a sales rep. Wouldn’t you want to give them the clearest direction on your company and the products so they can do a great job selling and increasing your business? Of course you would. So why are you letting your LinkedIn languish? Your Instagram looking indistinguishable? Or your FaceBook forgettable? Knowing what needs attention is the best gift you can give to your biz. The Brand Audit gives you the plan to follow.

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