There are Extroverts and Introverts… but the best at sales??? Ambiverts!

We are all selling all the time. If you have kids you are selling them the idea of doing their chores, if you are at a job then you are selling your expertise, and time if you are a solopreneur you are selling your product. Often it is said that those outgoing bubbly people are the best at sales. Turning off all the introverted quiet folks. Here is the big secret…the BEST salesperson is an ambivert. What in the heck is an ambivert?

An ambivert is a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features! So that is most of us. We are no usually all one or the other, and there are times when we flex back and forth from any defined position we think we have. I believe selling is an art and matching or mirroring is the best way to get someone interested in your product or service is to meet them where they’re at. Your client is also switching around on the extrovert/introvert scale.

Having the ability to also slide up and down the extrovert/introvert scale will give you that ambivert flavor that is the best at selling! So now that you know you don’t have to jump out at folks like gangbusters, how do you like to be sold? Yeah, no one likes to be sold. People will go out of their way to not say no to you, major avoid… However, in this world of digital selling, you must admit that you are buying. Maybe it’s midnight on Amazon, or after a bottle of wine… if you could funnel it down to one sentence, what makes you push the BUY NOW button? Send me a DM or email, let me know.

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