Your Most Icky Important To-Dos

The Icky Sticky There are some marketing tasks that most people find icky. Yes, icky is a technical term. Without these specific icky ‘to-do’s” your beautiful website might as [...]

It’s Your Job, Really It Is!

It’s Your Job If You Are an Entrepreneur You have heard the saying…Wearing too many hats. Well, if you are an entrepreneur, you are. Did you realize in addition to your [...]

Your Business Has a Twin

Twin Businesses? What Does That Mean? Your business is really 2 businesses. Your actual biz and its twin. First, you have the business you love and want to do, you’re a photographer or a [...]

100 Ways to Not Fool Yourself

Are you an April Fool? As the saying goes, there’s no fool like an old fool! And that would be me! Because yes, when else would I be born and I definitely qualify as old. After some intense [...]

Are You in Apprentice Mode?

Apprentice in a good way… We’ve all heard¬†Malcome Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule, he said you need 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery. Is it true? If you have [...]

What and Why is DIY Branding?

Why should you DIY? You are not DIYing your brand because it is a hokey run-of-the-mill bro brand. You want it to look professional, polished, and pretty. Luck has it that you are either starting [...]

Empowering Women Leaders

IntHERrupt Podcast, What it Means to Trust Your Own Voice Empowering Women Leaders Hey, catch me on the IntHERrupt Podcast with Linda Yates. We talk about trusting your own voice. Do you trust [...]

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