60 And Something!

…What if you’re 60…and? Ageism exists and it is real…Women have been achieving great things even within the constraints of our social structures. At some point we can feel [...]

A spoonful of sugar

Remember the Mary Poppins song… A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… Well, I have been spooning sugar all over my TrueSelf Branding event. First, in 2019 was an idea… [...]

Help! I need somebody!

Help! Not just anybody… We can all use a little help right? Help around the house, help with dinner, help with all this crazy social media stuff!!!! Eiiik! These guys said it best…you [...]

I can see clearly…

Clearly, your images tell the story! Clearly, right-sized images are essential, but I have some hard news for you, websites and brand designs that are made by amateurs, look amateur. That is why [...]

Fear much? What is scariest to you?

What are you most afraid of? Fear seems like such a real thing. And the fears really move in at 1:00 am when you can’t sleep. All the irrational little facts that are floating in your head [...]

And next…a can of worms

You’ve got a brand and a business, what’s next? Awesome, you’re skating along happy as a clam in your business, you are keeping busy with clients but you haven’t looked at [...]

Are you the best at sales?

There are Extroverts and Introverts… but the best at sales??? Ambiverts! We are all selling all the time. If you have kids you are selling them the idea of doing their chores, if you are at [...]

DIY Branding Course!

Like getting an MBA course in Branding…but faster, and more fun! You are here because you know the value of getting your branding right. You are also here because you are doing every damn [...]

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