Piece of Cake!

Cut yourself a piece of cake! It’s been one year since the first beta-class of True Self Branding happened in Oct 2018, whether you were in the first round or the second in Jan 2019 [...]


That’s Right…Build Your Own Business! In the old days, before there was internet… when you wanted to start a business you needed an actual brick & mortar building, pay [...]

Love Your Brand

Kiss Kiss! You did your True Self Branding Workshop, and where are you now? Did you make any decision? Any changes? Did you launch something? Love yourself, love your brand and keep up the [...]

Workshop Workbook

What words describe you best? What is your True Self Brand? The dictionary defines ‘true’ as being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; [...]

Tattoo You!

Branding is individuality. Branding is unique. Branding sounds weird sometimes. Think of yourself and your skills as a brand. Like a brand, you bring a unique set of values, skills, and [...]

Breakfast is Ready!

True Self Branding Workshop had its first beta test in October and yes it was delicious! Not only did we enjoy some lovely food we all enjoyed the whole process. I am so excited to present this [...]

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