This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

Your waiting days are over! Are you waiting to start your brand? The most often question asked about branding, is how do I start? I always answer, create a mission statement. Without your mission [...]

Invest in Your Brand!

Invest in Stocks! wut? Invest in Bitcoin! eiiik? We get so many messages about investing. What does it really mean? Well, the actual definition is to expend money (or time) with the expectation [...]

This Magic Pill Can Save You Money

Who Doesn’t Love to Save Money? I have this immediate reaction to that question, I can save by simply not buying anything, but… The point I am going for is if you do get your branding [...]

Imposter Syndrome is Good!

I know what you’re thinking… How in the world is Imposter Syndrome a good thing? If you get the inkling that you are not enough, it usually means that you know what you don’t [...]

Bonus points.

Bonus Points Count. How many bonus points do you give yourself for getting up in the morning? What if we started this new amazing game where you give yourself bonus points all through the day for [...]

Are you Wearing Too Many Shoes?

Too many shoes? I have sort of a pet peeve campaign, to change that all too common phrase “we have to wear a lot of hats”. Who is wearing hats these days? Shoes, now shoes are [...]

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