What and Why is DIY Branding?

Why should you DIY? You are not DIYing your brand because it is a hokey run-of-the-mill bro brand. You want it to look professional, polished, and pretty. Luck has it that you are either starting [...]

Empowering Women Leaders

IntHERrupt Podcast, What it Means to Trust Your Own Voice Empowering Women Leaders Hey, catch me on the IntHERrupt Podcast with Linda Yates. We talk about trusting your own voice. Do you trust [...]

Mr. Vogoo

Remember Mr. Magoo? Well, meet Mr. Vogoo! Talk about not matching… here is a story about Mr. Vogoo for you girls and boys, pull up a chair and I will tell you, Long ago and far away, I was [...]

So you want to be a millionaire?

This is NOT a post about bitcoin, real estate, or winning the millionaire lottery. It is not even a blurb about the Law of Abundance. Are you living the life you ‘think’ you will have [...]

Imagine there’s no……labels

Imagine there are no labels. I know we think that our labels define us, but labels create an avatar out of real people reducing them to certain traits. You wear many labels: woman, daughter, [...]

60 And Something!

…What if you’re 60…and? Ageism exists and it is real…Women have been achieving great things even within the constraints of our social structures. At some point we can feel [...]

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