You Know You Need Newness but You Have No Idea Where to Start

What's Your Brain Got To Do With It?


It's actually your brain getting in the way of your forward motion. You know the uncertainty and the procrastination that comes along with trying to fit 10# of stuff in a 5# bag. That is what you are trying to do with running your business, being your business and promoting your business. Without stopping to figure out exactly what you're really doing.

Getting direction and clarity will streamline and simplify your whole concept. Freeing you up from worrying about what you think you 'should' be doing.


Here Comes the Storm!


Storms are cleansing and they clarify the realtily. There is nothing like the fresh air after the storm and that is exactly what your brainstorm session will bring. We will pull it apart and put it back together again.

Acceptance and implementation is your next step, you can go it alone or you can choose to jump into Magic Coaching and really get the all the bells and whistles.

Our brainstorming session will give you the push you need to start really thinking about your brand, your business and how to promote what you are doing. Yeah, that is the question we will answer.

What ARE you doing?

“Before Michelle worked with me, my branding game was like a sad, tragic bowling trip – nothing but gutter balls all day! But now? Hah! With Michelle’s fine-tuning, I got the right moves, and the perfect groove, and we’re just knocking down pins like they owe us money! Pow!" - Toni


Our meeting will be located at the Magic House in Deerfield Beach or at a local co-work space in Boca Raton or via Zoom. And in some situations, you can request my presence in your town (travel & accommodations are extra).


A scheduled date and time for our Brainstorm Session will be created. The session is ~4 hours. Yes, it can be recorded. Plan it before you make major changes to your brand or website. That is the point of our session to update your brand!


The best results come from a limited group. If you have a biz partner or you are a collaboration of souls, let’s keep it under 3 people. Too many and nothing gets rolling, trust me. Too many cooks in the kitchen ruin the soup!

"Michelle’s guidance and support were invaluable as we worked to brand our company. She provided us with unique insights that helped us identify our core values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. She was always professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Michelle went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction, and she truly cares about her clients’ success." -Cece

What Do I Need To Prepare for the Session?

trueselfbranding choice

You will need to collect all your outwardly facing digital footprints, meaning all the links, to your socials, to your website, your email client, any link you can think of that has meaning to your business.

And, bring a notebook (who doesn't love a fresh new notebook??!!) In this limited session we'll discuss as much as possible. You will want to take copious notes and then you will have your notebook to keep dreaming, thinking and creating.

Oh, and drink umbrellas, bring drink umbrellas.

"I would not have found the essence of my value, business, and differentiators without Michelle" - Yuli

Let's Toss Around Some Mangoes


Why am I so good at brainstorming ideas for branding? It starts with having worked in the fashion industry for a thousand years (ok a lot of decades). When you work in that industry you learn to shift gears instantly what was hot today is not hot tomorrow. Fashion changes with lightning speed and you can't 'get married to an idea' because it will soon be left on the cutting room floor. So pitch, catch, pitch, catch...

Next reason, I can liaison. I have worked with countries from the Arctic Circle to Africa. As you can imagine their styles, preferences and needs are quite diverse. Learning how to accommodate and adapt and still follow the vision is the super power.

Brining this all together with energy, creativity and the visionary imagination to jump into each business and find the real core values, the hidden hook and the best way to move forward. that's my vision, mission and passion all rolled into one. This really is my favorite thing, generating ideas, sketching out a plan and giving hope and inspiration where before was only confusion and frustration and procrastination.


The Brainstorm Session is for you if...

...You are stuck and don't know how to move forward.

...You don't want anyone to really 'go' to your website.

...Your brand has evolved and your website doesn’t express where you are now.

...You are overwhelmed at how to create relevant content.

...Your social media profiles are a jumble and have no brand stability.

...You literally have no idea what to post besides your morning coffee.

...Blogging, or emailing has you frustrated and gives you nightmares.

Who is going to do all the work?

No lie, this will create a 'TODO' list and you will need to consider how to delegate the work. Don't be scared, you already have a TODO list, but this one will really outline your path instead of collecting a I-WISH-I-COULD-DO list.

I have some resources and virtual assistants that I can suggest to you, but you have complete control over what, when and where your ideas come to fruition.

Technically you could do this all yourself, alone in a room. I guess if you could you would have already right? The constellation of you and me bouncing around ideas, talking about your business is a special spa time for your business. Giving yourself the gift to not be distracted and focused on your biz is very fulfilling.

"I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle’s guidance!" -Laura

The Last Word.

I've seen this happen time and time again, after a session you want to move on to the coaching, so here's the deal. After our Brainstorming Session you want to move onto the Magic Coaching, I'll apply $200 bucks toward your first invoice. Yeah, so no reason not to keep it going!

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