Imagine if your Brand...

…really showed what you do

…mission statement was crystal clear

…colors, fonts, and images were consistent

…glowed and you were really proud of it

Create an Unforgettable Brand


TrueSelf Brand Audit is designed to give you a crystal clear view of your current branding so you can take the wheel and create marketing assets that tell the real story of who you are and what you do. This isn’t an overhaul or a re-do.

The TrueSelf Brand Audit is a tool to take what you have and bump it up to the next level. I’ll highlight the good, bad, and the ugly and give suggestions for how to improve what you are currently doing without having to start from scratch. This product takes into consideration your current budget and knowledge level, showing you what is possible and how to take the next actions.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Branding


You want your brand to POP! Big bang for the buck, as they say! However, most solopreneurs need an 'economical way to manage their branding issues. The Brand Audit will take out all the guesswork and give you a checklist of things you must do, need to do, and can do. Saving you time, money, and headaches.

You can finally stop apologizing in advance for your “work-in-progress” website. You’ll be confident every time you post because you’ll have all the action points you need to create a consistent vibe. You’ll look and feel like the professional bad-ass you are. Now your brand actually reflects your mission.

"Michelle awarded me with an outstanding brand audit! She broke down every bit of my site and I understood her edits clearly. She is a blessing to work with and is very patient and concise." - Raquel

Stop Apologizing!

You can finally stop apologizing in advance for your “work-in-progress” website. You’ll be confident every time you post because you’ll have all the action points you need to create a consistent vibe. You’ll look and feel like the professional bad-ass you are. Now your brand actually reflects this...

Here's How.

After gathering up all your worldly links, I’ll dive deep into your brand psyche and pull out all the nuggets that shine and list those that need a boost of brand zhuzhing.
You’ll get a report on all things branding in your biz. This includes an itemized pdf 20-25 page report that addresses your:

  • Brand colors
  • Logo quality
  • Image selections
  • Profile performances
  • About page impact
  • Social content savvy
  • Sequence opportunities
  • And how to plan going forward with your brand

"Michelle organized the mishmash I had in my head about where I wanted my business to go." -Eva

What's this going to cost me?


What does an extraordinary brand look like? You know, an image of a brand popped up in your mind when you read that! Is your brand extraordinary? Or is it just kinda ok, or you would rather not talk about it at all (please don't look!) Your Brand Audit is a reasonable investment in your brand.

I have been in your shoes!


After many moons of corporate business life in the "Devil Wears Prada" industry both nationally and internationally, I sure have experienced a thing or two about branding. I trained on the basics right here in the heartland of the USA, then I learned luxury branding while living in Europe, working for the American brand St. John Knits. I have learned through all my years in the Fashion industry exactly how brands work and the best and easiest way to move forward in branding. The flexibility and understanding I gained from working with various countries have given me the open-mindedness needed to comprehend what a brand needs.

Your brand is very personal to you and it needs personal attention. I want to see you move forward in your biz and I am here to help! I have a keen eye to discern what changes would make a direct impact on your brand.

My name is Michelle and I started TrueSelf Branding so I could help solopreneurs like you find their way through the tangle of should, musts, and problems of branding your own business.

This is for you if...

...You are a solopreneur who needs an affordable way to manage your current branding challenge.

...You need a critical, but a kind second set of eyes so you can move forward with solid suggestions and an action plan for how to make your brand your own and create a buzz.

...You have not looked at your branding since the day you implemented it.

...Honestly - you're not totally clear what branding is!

But what if...

...I have changed my product and this isn’t even what I am doing now:
If you are still presenting your old brand to the world then it definitely needs updating or deleting. If it is out there it needs to be current.

...Overwhelmed by branding in general:
You think this will give you another thing to do on your to-do list which is already too full... if you are that busy then you are avoiding your brand work! You totally need specifics and tweaks for easy fixes.

...I can learn all this myself online:
If you had the time to sort through all the classes, courses, and freebies that would be needed to get this info, you would then need to apply it to your brand and see what needs fixing. I guess if you had that kind of time you would have already done it…

"I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle’s guidance!" -Laura

I want more.

You have wanted to get your colors right, you’ve asked your best friends for advice, you wish you could look more professional and polished. Well, like the fairy godmother of branding, I have the magic wand to give more than an overnight success, I can show you the path of growing and evolving your business on your own, with confidence and grit!

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