Brand Fix Kit for DIYing it!

Fix your brand now! I know when I was deciding to start my digital business I relied on all my marketing and advertising experience plus I studied other entrepreneurs and coaches on how they structured their brands. I believe in these 3 facts – branding is not just for big money businesses, evolution is the biggest freedom in branding, and perfectionism kills your brand. You need the confidence to move forward and sometimes you just need that fairy godmother telling you that you’ve had the power yourself all along. You just need someone to tell you the steps.

I also know you are trying to do everything in your business, networking, marketing, accounting, promotion, and keeping up with all that social media. So when have you had the time to really think about your brand? Did you know that if you spend a little time upfront it can make all the other processes in your business run smoothly?  Taking a little time out to make some decisions and declarations can clarify everything.

Many people have started their business and are all over the place with their brand, they’ve not had time to concentrate, I want to bring you the tools to get on one page, to get clear on your mission, and planning, to increase their business. My goal is to give you the 8 steps you need to start your branding process. I’ve recorded an audio file for each topic. Each audio file is accompanied by a pdf worksheet. I suggest taking one element per week and really doing the work, research, think OR you can try it one a day and see if you can brand yourself in a week!

Are you ready to DIY your brand? Then jump to the Brand Fix Kit!

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