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We all wish we had a secret weapon in our pocket, to tell us the next steps, the pitfalls the newthings to try. But wait, there is such a secret, COACHING! I have decades of marketing and branding experience that spans the globe. You can utilize my extensive background in branding to help you get on track with your brand.

Choose one of the help packages below to remedy your branding.

true self branding

Intensive Private Coaching

Intensive Private Brand Coaching will define your mission and voice, create a brand statement that can act as a base for all your business decisions. In 4 weeks we will develop your brand! 

TSB covid coaching

Covid Coaching

Covid Coaching – yeah it’s a thing now. Are you a bit unfocused? Worried about how to manage your business during this crazy time? There are methods to alleviate your stress and to point your marketing in the right direction. 3 – 20 minute calls

TSB brand fix kit

Brand Fix Kit

You need more than a logo. You need a brand. When you are starting out, your budget might be more “beer” than “champagne“, that means a lot of DIY. You are super busy running your business, taking care of your family, getting in some self-care… Where does focus on your business fit in? I’ve got you covered. This online audio course will give you the insight and tools you’ll need. Brand Fix Kit – 8 Audio files with pdf worksheet

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