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How to work during social distancing?

Ok, this is a different social lifestyle…maybe you already work from home, maybe you are in the forced WFH group. Either way, there are some things that can help you stay professional and not lose your mind while we all go through this unprecedented situation of social distancing. Whether you are on a video conference or doing a video to keep in contact with your clients *(yes, look for my FaceBook videos) I have some good advice to make sure you look and sound good. I’ve been working from home since 2014, also I admit to having worked in my PJs until 5 pm. Here is what I’ve learned about being on a video call.

BACKGROUND – please look behind you. Make sure there is a nice simple wall or nice scene behind you. If you can have something that matches your branding, even better.
EYE LEVEL – stack up some books under your laptop so the camera is at or slightly above eye level. Voila! No double chin! And look at the camera eye, not your mini image.
LIGHTING – your home is not like an office, natural light is good but you’ll need a more direct light source especially around dusk. Let that light hit your face.
SOUND – depending on your room or the other distractions you might need to use a headset. And learn how to use the mute button! (No one needs to hear the dog barking Rachel!) Try a test with a friend to be sure your sound level is good.
SPEAKING – often we feel a little more ‘on stage’ when in a video conference. And then come the UMs and AHs killing your smooth presentation. You can make a test video and listen for your crutch words, to help you to just pause and not Ummmm. As a listener, it is a real distraction to hear a cacophony of UMs while someone is speaking. (can you tell this bugs me?)


  • Stay on schedule – wake up the same time and follow your same routine, workout(?), get dressed, make coffee.
  • Designated workspace – set up your ‘desk’ in a clean area with your laptop, pens, notebook, lighting, ask other house members to respect your space.
  • Accessories – Get all your devices, chargers, noise-canceling headphones (they are amazing) everything within arms-reach.
  • Lighting – grab a reading light, home lighting isn’t sufficient for online-meetings, be sure to light your face.
  • Take breaks – take a mental pause, maybe take a quick walk outside and get some air instead of diving into social media.

Your clients need to hear from you, so reach out in some social-distanced way to stay in touch. After this quarantine time is over, your branding will be even more important than ever. The TRUESELF Branding event will be rescheduled. Invest in your business and plan to attend!

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