That’s Right…Build Your Own Business!

In the old days, before there was internet… when you wanted to start a business you needed an actual brick & mortar building, pay utilities, hire help, it was really expensive. Young whippersnappers could not just create something. There were rules, restrictions and general gunk that either prevented you from starting a business or kept you unmotivated.

Now, there is no excuse. You may no longer be a whippersnapper, but you are not short on dreams, desires and a quest for starting something new. It is easier than in the old days, you can hang your shingle on a website, blog, podcast, or social media profile. It is easier to find your tribe of people who want what you’re selling. Great, so it’s easy…but where is my idea? Ahhhh, now you’ve stumbled onto the harder part. How do I find my idea, that will give direction to my business?

Start by asking yourself some questions. Forget ‘find your passion’, or ‘do what you love’. Those all sound so cliche. Try this on for size, “How do I create a business that pays me money”? Well, that got right to the heart of the matter. What are your talents? In general terms? Do you have a certain affinity for a specific subject? Do you have a higher goal in mind? The best part of this is that you can create, fail and create again without going broke. Find someone to mentor/coach you. Going on this biz-by-yourself you run the risk of getting derailed by self-talk.

A coach or a mentor can see your talents or give you a better perspective on how to market a particular idea. There are many ways to start, none are right or wrong they are just different ways. You are where you are, so start there. Take the next steps, get your motivation going.


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