Success Is All About The Clarity

Clarity is why you were successful in your professional life.

The clarity of a job is the definition of the duties. When you were a 9-5 employee you sat at that desk, were expected to be busy doing your specified job, the one you were hired for, and producing results. Sure you took breaks getting coffee, chatting with others at the copy machine, still, the number of hours you spent being focused on your job was considerable.

Now, switch to today. You work from home, creating your own business. You don’t necessarily start at 9 and end at 5. You don’t go through a ritual every morning of showering, makeup, hair, getting dressed, and driving to an office. All that ritual helps you transition to work-time. Now, you are working in yoga pants at the kitchen table. You get distracted getting a coffee and sort out the cupboard or spot clean the fridge. Ooops, ok back to work and for an hour you kind of get stuff done, ah but then you pick up the phone and spin through social media which takes you down a rabbit hole. You need to feel productive so you get up and put in a load of washing. There are just so many distractions and you- ‘The Boss’ isn’t giving very clear directions as to what to get done. When you are the boss clarity is the issue.

  • Clarity makes the task easier.
  • Clarity makes the goal achievable.
  • Clarity makes the process successful.

Wow! isn’t that an awesome outcome? Success. It’s hard to transition to your own business and being your own boss. With focus and clarity, you can be those distractions. The luxury of being the boss requires mental dexterity. The ability to jump from one topic to the next putting out fires and solving problems while creating content and paying bills. Being the CEO of you means you are wearing a lot of hats, all at the same time, and doing some tasks that are not in your wheelhouse.

Bring clarity to your day by defining goals/tasks. Reach success by narrowing your focus each day, instead of doing 19 things halfway. Pick one and get it done. Done feels so good. It will empower you to successfully pick the next goal/task. And one by one they get done. You were successful in your former professional life because there was a clearly defined goal. Do yourself a favor. Define your next goal.

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