Confidence in Branding

Do you want to start branding? You need confidence to start a business or enliven an old one and you’re too busy to stop and figure it out. Wishing there was a way it could all be easier. But wait there really is a way! I am starting a series that will break down the concepts of what you need to do to DIY your business. Yeah, there are probably a million or more search returns on branding your business and you’ve already read half of them. Wow, you do a lot of reading, less reading more doing!!!! I am creating a digital course that will give you easy and fun steps in getting your branding on track coming Feb 2021. Until then I’ll give you a nice overview in a FUN way! Using Tarot (very loosely) to guide us along.

Choose a Name

The Magician – Talent

Everything you dream can become a reality. You have many talents to create your business. So Let’s choose a name! Make it super easy and flexible. Use your own name! Genius! This will enable you to flex your business without having to change the name. You could evolve from selling t-shirts to selling branding services without a hassle! You have the talent and are ready to show it to the world.

Buy the Domain

The High Priestess – Intuition

Follow your inner voice on this, buy your name domain! You may have to get a little creative if your name is already taken, but you can rely on your intuition to derive the best general name. And buy it, .com. Don’t get fancy, keep it simple.

Choose Biz Type

The Emperor – Structure

Excellent, things are really moving along! Now you have a name, a domain, let’s make it legal. Now for some strategy, control, and security, register your business in your state. There are several options, and while I can talk for hours about branding, biz types are not my wheelhouse, but I know someone who completely clarifies that! Check out Think Business 360 My friend can show you how to decide!

Mission Statement

The Empress – Nurture
Ready to nurture your biz? The seeds you plant here will bear fruit! Your mission should be the center of your business. Identifying your core business objectives and then defining your goals that support your core. What are you bringing to the world? Why you, why now?

Vision Statement

The Hierophant – Wisdom

First, let’s define what in the heck a Hierophant is, unless you are an ancient Greek, you might not know. A Hierophant is a priest in ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles. Sometimes in Tarot, it is also called The Pope or Wise One. Here is where you define your spirit, interpreting your vision to a short sentence. Your vision drives your brand’s message, the way you serve and interact with customers, and the choices you make in terms of your products and services.

Whether you are a fan of Tarot or not, I like to use my cards as the start to meditation, it gives me an idea, a direction. I was gifted a classic Rider Waite tarot deck and book in German when I first moved to Germany. I spent hours translating and reading. Right now these are my favorite decks… The Uncommon Tarot by Shaheen Miro and The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne. If you would like some guidance on where your branding is now, watch my Facebook live sessions every Tuesday at 10! Too Many Choices Tuesday. Let’s talk for a free 30-minute overview and what you could do next. DM or email me and we’ll set something up!

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