How do I make it stick?

What is that magic glue that makes a brand stick? How do those big brands do it? Think of some brands like Oprah, Mercedes, Starbucks they all are quickly identifiable. But why? It’s not just that all the visuals line up. Of course, they all have a staff of thousands to make sure every detail is in line and aligned with the brand. What is the brand promise that comes through? That mission is the through-line of all the touchpoints they have with every client. The consistency of the brand is not just the logo, images, or colors you use to represent your product or service. It is the underlying reason you do what you do.

Authentic and Real.

Being fakey is easy to spot. This is kind of tough because we all struggle with that nasty imposter syndrome and we spin out thinking that we are not valid enough to deserve patronage. But choosing your mission with a real story of the why makes you authentic and THAT is what people want. Customers all have so.many.choices. in everything that they buy whether it is bed linens, smartphones, or accountants. Being you, authentic with your story is want separates you from all others and makes your brand stick.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Consistency is the key to successful branding. Let me say that again. Consistency is the key to successful branding. It has been said that people don’t even recognize a brand until they have seen it 3-4 times. That means you are putting it out there for eyes-only. Just to be seen. Once it comes around a few times people start to say, hey I’ve seen this a few times, they must be for real. Still, they may not interact. Patience and consistency. Keep to your planned calendar, blogging, posting. That consistency will pay off in the long run. This is not a short term deal.

Am I married to my current brand?

But wait, what if I need to grow or evolve my brand? Great, you can evolve, ALL brands do that! Coke started in 1886 and has evolved, the same as Nike or McDonald’s. Often we worry about moving forward with a logo or design because we are not 110% sure it’s right or perfect. Perfection is a success killer. Strive for excellence will get you further, faster than the dead-end of perfection ever will! Branding is more than what it looks like, it is the authentic soul of your mission. Take the time to think it out and decide before you ‘do’ anything, and then your consistency will be easy.

Want more help with being consistent in your branding…you’re in luck! TrueSelf Branding Day details.

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