Is making a decision hard?

We all worry about making the wrong decisions in business or in daily life. We are bombarded with so.many.choices. Seriously, how do you know if you’ve made the right choice? Yes, there are some obvious decisions that fall in the dangerous and do-not-do column. I am not talking about those. I am referring to the other decisions we make around our businesses. Should I make my own website or pay to have it done. Should I use Word-Press or Square Space? Do I focus on FaceBook or Instagram? What in the heck do I do about Instagram stories? All these decisions, how should I decide what to tackle first?

Spinning your wheels doesn’t help.

Waffling on a decision can cost you money, I  know, I know, making the wrong decision can cost you too. However, indecision is really the most costly because you lose time as well as momentum. Moving in a direction is at least movement. It’s easier to change direction if you are at least ‘in the car’. I believe confidence plays a big role in making decisions. So taking time to confidently create your mission and viewpoint will considerably make deciding on the next steps easier. The fear of decision often stems from not knowing what you really want or being afraid of saying what it is that you want.

Were you taught to doubt your decisions?

Ok here is the hard lesson, time to grow up and rid yourself of the nasty distraction voice in your head. You can ‘suddenly’ become the confident one, the one who can decide without worry because you can always.change.your.mind! You were taught a lot of things, things you now no longer believe in, like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. HA!, that’s silly of course I don’t believe in those childhood ideas anymore, well consider there might also be some other dusty old ideas that you should also leave in the attic of childhood. You’re an adult now and YOU get to decide. On everything. It really is your choice, which can be scary to be responsible for everything you’re doing. But you are.

I’m ready to decide, now what?

Start small, make some safe small decision like today I will have a green smoothie. Then take it up a notch, when the gang is trying to choose a restaurant, voice your choice, decisively, I choose to go to Seasons 52, and if they poo-poo that and settle on McDonald’s you can decide to not go. Others do not have to like your decisions but you ill be a lot happier if you start voicing and sticking with your choices. Now how does this affect your business? Huge. When you have a clear decision of what you really want you can move forward and that forward momentum will breed more momentum. Momentum=good.

Is it lonely at the top of Decision Mountian?

Maybe some will not like your decisions, but the most important person to coddle is the one that lives in you. You are the one. You get to decide what happens to you and your business. Trying to satisfy others only leaves us tired, frustrated and angry. Do you think Lady GaGa or Oprah lets someone else hold the decision bag? Nope. This might sound a bit rough but take baby steps. I know that once you feel the power of deciding it will get easier each time.

Want more help with decision making or branding…you’re in luck! TrueSelf Branding Day details!

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