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I am a very wordy person. I really love words. I believe that their descriptive nature can create. Choosing 2 words to describe you, a very intricate being seems impossible! It can be done! Of course, it is taking minimalism to the very extreme. But doing this exercise was the most clarifying thing I have ever done. I rely on these 2 words to guide me in a lot of situations. Ok here is how this 2-word thing came to be so important to me. When I was creating this new business I wanted to make it something that combined coaching with branding with lifestyle. I can review my life in my style-themed phases. Can you describe your style evolution?

  • Stars. In my teen years, it started with stars, seems easy now but back then the star shape was not very popular. I even had a local silversmith make me a silver star charm to hang on a necklace. That was a pretty big deal. The colors were dark blue and yellow.
  • Flamingo. The next phase I recall was in the ’80s, flamingoes. Everywhere, I even had small pink feathered flamingos in my wedding flowers. Tastefully subtle, nevertheless they were there. The 15’ cathedral-ceilinged living room wall was painted Strawberry Fluff (another word for flamingo pink). Kitchy but very in at the time.
  • Cows. I was actually living on a farm in Germany next to a bunch of cows. I used black-white cow print on tons of stuff.
  • Leopard print. I bought all kinds of things in leopard print. I found a giant piece of discarded packing foam, shaped like a lounge, covered it in a leopard print fleece. And yes I had matching 6” platform shoes. Don’t ask.
  • Pink-Orange. This is me now. It is more a color smash than a specific print or style. Combining eclectic items with bold bright colors.

Being able to narrow down your 2-word description you need to reflect and visit your core feelings. Making lists of words, editing it down to just 2. Actually, that is the birth of TrueSelf Branding. I wanted TSB to be more than a coaching session, I wanted it to zing, inspire, and have fun! A celebration, an event, a time to lavish elegance on the participants. So that is where I started. A full day starting with breakfast, stopping for lunch, ending with a champagne toast, and everyone knowing their own 2-word style.

The follow-through was deciding to do wonderful full-day classy events to inspire and create, helping other entrepreneurs or budding solopreneures to invest in themselves and take the time to enjoy an event planned just for them. To understand branding, social media, profiles, and take their business in the direction that is uniquely theirs.

So what is my 2-word style? Can you guess?

Genuine Bold

Want to figure out your 2 words? Watch Too Many Choices Tuesday -my live video every Tuesday at 10 am. Or we can have a one on one chat about your words, get a free 30-word concept review. DM or email me and we’ll set something up!

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