There are several ways to make a choice.

There are those folks who make a list with two columns and put all the positives on one side and the negatives on the other and count up the totals to see which side wins. There are others who flip a coin. Yet there are others still who agonize over which method to use in making the choice, let alone get to the point of decision.

Choose. Choice. Decision. Selection. Option.

It doesn’t matter what you call it when it comes to making a choice sometimes we freeze. I believe that comes from a heightened sense of thinking there is only one right answer. In reality, there are many outcomes to every kind of choice. I struggled with choices in the past, worried that it might not be a perfect choice. Only to find out there is no perfect choice because time doesn’t stand still everything keeps evolving. So a choice you made in March, might not be a good choice looking at it from July. But …now listen to this… at the time it was a good choice based on the information available.

We really beat ourselves up for things that didn’t go particularly well, why did I choose that way? Why did I believe that person? Why did I make that decision? If you’ve been through some stuff in your life, you’ve probably asked yourself those questions. How does this relate to your business? Business or life, it’s all the same. Getting stuck in the decision-making process due to fear of making a mistake, is a big mistake.

The Secret

Here’s the big secret, there is no wrong answer. There are definitely better choices and worse choices, but all in all, you can always make another decision to get out of the not good situation you find yourself in. I know this sounds kind of general, but it really relates to making the choices about your business. Imagine the freedom if you really took to heart, there are no bad choices! There are better choices but no wrong ones. What would that allow you to do? What business decisions are you afraid to make? Let me know in the comments!

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