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Get in the driver’s seat and be the creative director of your own brand. The DIY Branding Course consists of 4 Modules, 3 lessons each of easy self-paced emails on how to take total creative control over your brand.

What you know for sure is that you have a yearning to look professional in the fewest possible steps. Figuring it out alone can take huge amounts of time, trial, and error. Of course, you could research all the information out there, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sift through the Bro-talk, the 6 figure biz talk… It’s not where you’re at or who you are.

DIY Does Not Mean Cheapie!


You are not DIYing your brand because it is a hokey run-of-the-mill bro brand. You want it to look professional, polished, and pretty. Luck has it that you are either starting out or refreshing your brand, that equals a transition in your life. The DIY Branding Course gives you information at your fingertips. Helpful when you are ready to tackle the next phase in your brand.

Mission statement to logo design, the DIY Branding Course highlights the necessary steps needed to help you produce a full rich brand. You’ll get lessons 3 times a week for 4 weeks, in your email, with big juicy PDFs to help you work out the details. Because it is self-paced you can be flexible about when and where you learn.

"Michelle helped us build a brand image that would distinguish us from our competitors, we now have over 15K page views per month and have very strong name recognition." -Janice

DIY Tools Included

To DIY you need specific tools, these tools will get you from dreamin’ to doin’. Contrary to what most people think, it is not the name that is the most difficult hurdle. These tools will set you up to win the branding game!

  • Domain Names – Register a domain juicy enough, search-engine friendly enough to sell anything from soup to nuts.
  • Biz type – What do you need to make it official? This section of the course gives you insight into the legal-talk
  • Mission Statement – This is mandatory. Define what you are doing, it will affect every decision you make

Impersonal to Really Personal

How to look branded for business. Now you are realizing that your biz is about you. You left all that corporate structure because it was so impersonal and now it’s really personal.

  • Profiles -Create consistency with your profiles so you’re easy to spot no matter which platform you’re found on
  • Mood Board – Best thing since sliced bread to get the flavor going for your brand
  • Brand Color Selection – Discover color meanings and which express your brand’s personality the best


Shit is getting real, you’ve worked out so many details and now it’s time to put it out there. 'Publish' is the single hardest button to push. Putting your content out into the can get bogged down in the perfectionist trap.

  • Website – There is a method and formula you can use to make your site most effective
  • Content – Everything you say and everything you show should reveal the core of your brand
  • Social Media – Connect with your audience in all the social ways, utilize the best one for you without wasting time and energy

"Michelle organized the mishmash I had in my head about where I wanted my business to go." -Eva

But Wait There's More...

trueselfbranding choice

I’ve always wanted to say that! Not only do you get the DIY Course, but you also get a personal 30 min call with me. On this call, we will work out your questions and stuckness that might stall you in getting your superfine brand launched!

Years of experience, gleaned from working all over the world have shown me best practices and the birth of brands. I've rolled into this course. For you. You are discerning and want control over your brand's appearance, personality, and presentation.

It Me!


My name is Michelle. I started TrueSelf Branding to help solopreneurs like you. To help you find a way through the tangle of the shoulds, musts, and problems you run into when branding your own business.

I’ve experienced a thing or two about branding. My background is in The Devil Wears Prada industry. I have done everything in fashion. Hours of time on the sales floor clunking around the sales floor in high heels! Entering computer data, buying, styling, photoshoots, fabric design, fashion shows, wholesale, retail, all the way to riding around in private limos and jet-setting. Been there, did that, got the T-shirt.

I trained on the basics right here in the heartland of the USA. Then I learned luxury branding while living in Europe. I worked for the American brand St. John Knits. The fashion industry taught me how brands work and the best and easiest way to move forward in branding.

The DIY Branding Course is for you if...

...You need to pull together a brand to express that new biz

...Your brand has evolved and your website doesn’t express where you are now

...You think you might know what you want but have no idea how to get there

...You’re stuck getting your website launched

...Your social media profiles are a jumble and have no brand stability

...Blogging, or emailing has you frustrated and gives you nightmares

How Handy Do I Need To Be To DIY It?

How do I access the course?
Via your email on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for 4 weeks. With a link to the presentation - narrated by yours truly! Also a link to the matching PDF.

Is there a time limit to video accessibility?
It will be there for a good long while, not forever, but I’ll email you with a long lead time if we move the videos. All info eventually becomes obsolete.

I can learn all this myself online:
Honestly, If you had the time to sort through all the classes, courses, and freebies that would need to get this info. I guess if you had that kind of time you would have already done it…

Is there really a certificate?
Naw… just more eyes magnetized to your brand.

"I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle’s guidance!" -Laura

The Last Word.

The thing about DIY is about being in control of your own product. Not someone else's vision, but your vision.

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