Like getting an MBA course in Branding…but faster, and more fun!

You are here because you know the value of getting your branding right. You are also here because you are doing every damn thing yourself. And you’re frustrated, tired and just want an easy ‘color by number’ solution.

This 4-week, 3 lessons/wk course walks you through, step-by-step how to create, manage and do your branding. It will have videos, PDFs, and all tools you need to DIY it. All in an easy-to-use format. This self-paced course is at a special price for my founding members, because I am creating this just for you. As a founding member, you will get a questionnaire after the first module to check in and see where you are. I want to make this course as DIY-able as possible and answer any questions I might skip or areas that might need more weight.

You benefit because you are getting it first! You’ll have more of my attention and time. Yes, this course will come again, but at a higher price. So you are really smart to get it now. I have been in your shoes! After many moons (many) of corporate business life in both National and International, I sure have learned a thing or two about branding. First, you need confidence to even start down this rocky road, second, you need to decide many things, of which you are not sure. Eiiik anxiety level 10! Then you actually must ‘do’ something about it. Push the button, launch the thing, go on live, whatever it is you’ve go to do it. Lastly, you have to do it with consistency. Oh, I make it sound soooo easy but when you have a guide, checklist, path, coach… you have someone else with you along the way.

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