Perfection vs. Getting it Done

Well, that hit the nail on the head! The leading cause of not getting it done is getting wrapped up in perfection. Today, everything is changing all the time. Just when you understand your phone, oops here comes an update and everything looks different, acts differently. Aruuuugh! Will it ever be ‘perfect’? Can it ever be perfect? Updates will happen, new things will be created, old things will fade away and become obsolete. Do you even remember a landline with an answering machine!?! Holding yourself to a level of perfection only holds you back from moving forward. I’m big on “DO” I am always asking, ok what can I do now to manage this. I left my ideas of perfection in the dust. I’d rather get it done and update it than wait till some future time when I think it’s perfect. Which it will never be because lookout, here comes another update…

The Trap

Strive for excellence, which sounds better than perfection, doesn’t it? Somewhere we get trapped into thinking if it’s not perfect I will look foolish, I will look sloppy, I will look unprofessional. Not posting or launching will definitely keep you and your ideas a big secret. No one will ever have the opportunity to be empowered by your particular magic. It is easier today than ever to edit a misspelling or correct a date. Guess what you are not getting graded on this life. If you don’t do it, then it will never ever happen. Waiting for more inspiration or information and then launching your business 6 months from now, only delays your learning curve. Until you put it out there ugly scars and all you will not know what the next logical steps should be.

Take the Next Step

Your next logical steps depend on where you are in your business.

  • Do you have a stable business model but want to give it a new coat of paint?
  • Is your “business model” currently a corporate career where you are not getting ahead?
  • Are you thinking about starting out fresh and new with a business or career?
  • Do you want to start a business but have no idea where to start?
  • Are you jumping ship, moving from one industry to another?
  • Is it a timing thing, creating your Act 2 or Act 3 of life with something new?
  • Are you wearing a lot of hats, and need to streamline, refresh, or update the branding?

All of these business positions require different next steps but one thing they all have in common, the need for clear, decisive branding. That is the starting point for any business. I selected a brief outline of a Brand Blueprint so you can order some of the next steps in your own mind.

  • Voice- Pick the voice that speaks your vision a feeling or an emotion, is it sleek or romantic, fancy or sexy, traditional or ultra-hip
  • Mission- What is the object or mission of your brand, what are you bringing to the world? Having a mission is extremely important because it gives your business a sense of direction and clarity about what to do and how to manage day-to-day decisions.
  • Colors- Here is where the brand starts to take form, just like the voice you need to search out the colors that represent your brand vision, mission. Learning about the meaning of colors and what to pick that best represent your brand for digital, print, etc.
  • Logo- This is where you can really get lost in the weeds, think of it as picking your ‘initial’ logo. Not the forever one. All logos and brands evolve, don’t let this step block you!
  • Style Guide- This has many names, style guides, design briefs, the purpose is to outline the function and aesthetics of all the brand components. This is a huge help and will make using your brand and keeping it aligned much easier.
  • Social Media- is not meant to be an albatross, choosing which platform you and your clients use the most and then focusing on just that. Do one media right all the way!

Want more help with getting it done or branding…you’re in luck! TrueSelf Branding Day details!

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