There is a season for everything…

I always kind of knew this but it didn’t get ingrained in me until I lived in Germany. I shopped at the outside farmers’ market (simply called “Market”) and whatever was in season was at each stall. Yes, there was that one specialty stall that had strawberries in December but the price was crazy. As it should be. When I would stroll past the beautiful displays of fruit and vegetables I knew exactly when season we were in. Not to mention everything was a peak flavor and freshness.

Everything all the time makes nothing very special. There are rituals, events, and feelings that are connected to many foods. Summer = watermelon, right? Season means the conditions, growing time, everything is super optimal. Let’s get really granular here. There are many stages of a season.

Stages of the Season

  1. Idea/concept
  2. Refinement/adjustment
  3. Soil prep
  4. Seed planting
  5. Care & growth
  6. Pest control & Corrections
  7. Reaching harvest
  8. Sending to market
  9. Enjoying the fruits of your labor

OMG yes, there are 10 stages to get to the final product. Do you see the obvious 10th step?

T.I.M.E. – Time is the biggest stage of them all! How long did it take to get from Stage 1 to Stage 9? It depends, right? Were there any delays, problems, or direction changes? Instead of planting a cherry tree, you changed to planting watermelons. See how that changes the whole process.

You say of course, naturally, but when you are talking about your brand you don’t consider that change to be as big and time-consuming. Everything we produce must go through many stages. Give yourself time.

Stage 1 – Get a Brand Audit, this will give you a very clear picture of what season your brand is in.

Stage 2  РWant some magic to happen? The Magic Deal is for you. Only for the serious who want something to happen. Email me at for details.

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