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Why Not Me?

I will be personally guiding you with my years of experience, carefully designed resources that accelerate the process, and accountability to get it all done. I have racked up considerable experience in International and Domestic business while working in the fashion industry. If I say I have 4 decades of gathered wisdom in product design, placement, and marketing you can guess my age. So be it. 

There is a certain amount of confidence that is generated when you move to another country. I did this in my early 30’s, conquered a new language and social environment, so I can relate to a lot of situations. Then, because I felt if I managed to become successful in another country, I needed to do it at home too. So I moved back, which is like learning a new social environment over again. All the while working and gaining knowledge. 

Ok, You still have hesitations?...

Too expensive?
We are all told about self-care, a day of massage and a facial or even a short shopping trip to the mall can cost several hundred dollars. Then you have that nagging feeling I should be working on my business. This is the best way to kill 2 birds with one stone. A lavish day of being pampered like a Kardashian at the elegant Addison AND solidify your brand personal or business, with logical and specific steps to move forward in your brand.

No energy?
What do I have to do at this event? I don’t want to ‘work to the networking floor’. Yeah, neither do I. Even though I can be outgoing, I absolutely detest those group exercises, pushing business cards into hands and standing in my stylish heels juggling my handbag and house wine in a plastic cup. This event is small and VIP only. There are no cheap seats. You get to dress up, and sit down! You can focus on your own ideas and business details. You will eat on china plates with glassware! Champagne! Yeah, you deserve a day like this.
Cannot take off a day!
I don’t think I can take off a day to do this… Often this is our defenses yelling at the thing we need the most. Imagine if you didn’t have a vacuum or a dishwasher, how much longer and less effective and time consuming that work would be. Taking the time to learn and streamline your branding clarifies and actually saved time (and stress about worrying about it the whole time while not doing it).

Overwhelmed by Branding!
To move forward and transform your brand you need to make it a priority. Having a system and a list, expelling the fears and overwhelm, lets you feel in control. Crisp, clean, clear, bam. You’ve got a brand.

I can learn all this myself online.
If that were true you wouldn’t be reading this. You would be on your private jet meeting Sara Blakely, Oprah or Martha for lunch. Just like diagnosing illnesses on google… there is a lot of information to sort through. And some misinformation too. We can all get a master’s degree online but we never really do. This event will help you determine your next steps what sounds right for you and besides the internet never sleeps. Digital stuff changes and advances every month!!! This is a curated topic just to focus on confirming your brand and how to move forward at whatever level you are currently seated.

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