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Believe me when I say I have been in a LOT of networking groups, but FemCity is different. The monthly event is small enough to create real relationships and you have a real chance to get to know someone and their business. There are 95+ FemCity chapters so don’t fret if you are not in Boca/Delray! Use my affiliate link to join for a discount!



Not everyone is a designer, BUT… everyone can look like they are a designer when they use a Canva template! If you are DIYing your brand make it easy and use Canva as your design brain! Make it even better by using an affiliate link and sharing some of the abundance of the universe. I really appreciate it!



Freedom from Social Media scheduling! Tailwind is the complete Pinterest & Instagram marketing toolkit for bloggers, eCommerce, and other businesses of all sizes. Schedule posts at the best times, create beautiful pins faster than ever, discover content, monitor conversations, amplify your reach, and measure results all with one tool.



For the last 7 years, I have used Danielle LaPorte’s fabulous day planner. It has prompts and spaces for all kinds of journaling, scheduling, and keeping track of time, dreams, and goals. The shop also has Truthbomb Decks for inspiration, and I love the temporary tattoos! Often she has great sales on merch!

TOMO Timeless Glam


I love anything shiny! And I hate plastic, seriously nothing tastes good out of plastic not to mention all the environmental stuff. Then I saw TOMO, a crystal (shiny thing) encrusted water bottle that also creates wells to ease the burden of collecting water each day. They partner with drop4drop. I love a good-hearted company! Save 20% when you use the link.



If you’ve ever been on a zoom call with me and love the painting of magnolias behind me, it is from my friend Cristina in Germany. She is a fantastic photo-realistic artist. Click the link for her Instagram to see more of her work and DM her for more info… and be sure you tell her I sent you!

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