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Believe me when I say I have been in a LOT of networking groups, but FemCity is different. The monthly event is small enough to create real relationships and you have a real chance to get to know someone and their business. There are 95+ FemCity chapters so don’t fret if you are not in Boca/Delray! Use my affiliate link to join for a discount!

TOMO Timeless Glam


I love anything shiny! And I hate plastic, seriously nothing tastes good out of plastic not to mention all the environmental stuff. Then I saw TOMO, a crystal (shiny thing) encrusted water bottle that also creates wells to ease the burden of collecting water each day. They partner with drop4drop. I love a good-hearted company! Save 20% when you use the link.



If you’ve ever been on a zoom call with me and love the painting of magnolias behind me, it is from my friend Cristina in Germany. She is a fantastic photo-realistic artist. Click the link for her Instagram to see more of her work and DM her for more info… and be sure you tell her I sent you!

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