What is your Style Voice?

Well that mam, is fancy talk for what your website and brand look like, the style and the way it appears. But wait, you’re a solopreneur and not a website designer! I know, however, you can create a look and as you evolve, you can hire a fancy designer to update your look. Until then this is a great hack! I bet you didn’t expect a free hack!

Let’s say you have a new idea that grew suddenly from a blog or an idea, you are still working the business AND designing everything yourself, all the social media, promotional collateral, sales pages, and the list goes on and on… Also, you are a self-professed un-designer. This secret starter hack is exactly for you. Find a picture you like, can be anything, could be the Mona Lisa, could be a Jackson Pollack or Jeff Koons.

Then follow that style, that color pallet, that ‘flavor’ of images. Koons: crisp, sharp bright color, cartoony, bigger than life. Mona: soft hues, but pixeled, classic, historic. Pollock: primary swirls, drips, and splashes, modern. You just need to choose any image or style you like and follow that. No recreating the wheel, you can use that flavor to move forward for your brand.

I know you think this sounds like cheating. It’s not. Emulating a style is simply a direction to follow. For example, the Mona Lisa above is a pixeled version, you can take something classic and distort it to make it your style. It gives you a color palette and ideas! Keep going with this idea, you would pixelate all the images on your site or posts. Make sense? If not ask me your questions, DM me on Instagram!

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