Do you have what it takes?

Really how much time does it take? How much effort does it take? What does it honestly take to have a successful social media campaign? I get it you are an entrepreneur doing all the things and you are watching your funds. so you think well, I could it myself. And yes, you can throw out there a few posts maybe an occasional reel, and try out some stories. What is the effect? Are you getting engagement? If not then you are not inspiring your market to connect with you. I get it, I am on the same bus as you are.

Where do you get the most bang for your effort, notice I didn’t say buck? Because no one else can be you. You can’t out-source you doing a video. Your voice, your face, your mannerisms, your foibles. Raw, real, and personal. We have all evolved from the big corporate products to more local or perhaps Etsy. I am not talking about everything but even in your circle of friends there are more entrepreneurs who have created something and you are supporting that. Notice what catches your attention. Who do you follow? What do you like/not like about what they are putting out there? Like them or not you relate to them, know them, you’ve made a decision about what they are doing.

Here is how it works and what it takes.

Take a Still Image or Video?

There will always be a place for a still shot. Believe me, however, it is better if you are in the shot. I know, I know this very post doesn’t feature moi. (I am getting my new promotional photos done) but Video is king. If you put yourself out there, expressing your viewpoints, talking about your product, and showing up as you, you win. If you can combo that up with something au courant you could go viral.

Need a real definition of viral? More eyes on your name, your brand, your stuff. That is why everyone clamors about going viral. For example, here is a TikTok account that shows how to pose in photos. She has 1/2 million followers, usually, her posts get about 33k views. But she posted about a celebrity’s selfie tip and at this time of writing over 3 million views. That’s what going viral is. Follow her and watch her follow numbers go up. It’s more than just eyes on the post. If anyone goes to her profile or website “just to look” the algorithm will now show them more posts from Christine. More eyes=more engagement=the chance of someone buying your stuff.

The Platforms

The next confusing issue is which platform. As ‘they’ say, pic the platform your client is using, but may I add and pick the one you LIKE USING! If you pick a platform that you don’t understand or don’t like then you probably will find a million excuses to NOT use it. And the point of this whole exercise is that you use it, all the time! Hey, no whining! This is modern-day advertising and the cost is WAAAAAAY less than print advertising used to be. It only costs you your time.

In the olden day for you youngsters, to create an ad for a magazine you would pay thousands of dollars for a tiny 1/4 of a page ad. Sometimes only in B/W color cost was way more. You needed a design, you need a photographer’s image, you needed it to be in the right layout, and you had a deadline. Then a month later…. yes a month after all that… your ad would appear on page 287 (left-hand because you didn’t pay extra for the right side which costs more). Fun, right? So stop whining about the instant gratification of putting it out there in an instant! Oh, and you made a typo? Today you click edit and correct that shit. Back then, you were S.O.L (shit out of luck)


Instagram has 3 distinct ways to post. The Feed, which you roll through. Stories that you slide through and are gone in 24 hours unless you move them to a Highlight. (Highlights are great for preserving products, training, etc.) They are clickable right over your main grid. And Reels, which are a video, 60 seconds long. There was a thing called IGTV which was like YouTube and could be 60 minutes long but Insta removed it and is revamping that idea. TikTok can also end up on your Instagram Reels.


Tiktok has changed. No, it is not just for kids, (they use Snapchat anyway) TikTok is H.U.G.E. This is the raw, gritty format where you can create a video from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Keep in mind, who is your audience, and are they committed to 10min? I actually had to look that up and was super surprised that it was that long. TikTok is a quick hit. Fun. Inspired. Real. If you haven’t spent any time there at all I am sorry to turn you on to it. You will get sucked down the Tiktok hole and resurface hours later. You’ll get used to it and how to limit yourself. If you don’t get hooked please email me and tell me how. This is a platform you need to check out, find similar people to yourself, and see what they are doing. There isn’t anything that is not on TikTok.


Events, private groups, and ??? FB has def lost some of its power and oomph. For social credibility alone you need to have a FB page. It is part of the connective tissue that makes up the Social Media body. Think of it as the yellow pages. The private groups are still an active working part of FB. You may be in a ton of groups, I know I am. What FB is evolving to, I have no idea. But look at the evolution of it. Everything will wane at some point to be eclipsed by something new. Why do you think they bought Instagram?


After the fast-paced excitement of Insta and TikTok, I am getting to LinkedIn. Now all your corporate types are getting your panties in a twist. Yes your LI is an active real media! It is specific in its rules, appearance, and audience. Yes, it is very useful to many markets. You just have to do the same thing, post, consistently.

Finally, I assume you are exhausted at this point. Take just one post and see how you can morph and change it to post on ALL the platforms. Just one post 6 different ways.  Be sure to tag me on whatever channel you use. I am there.





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