Clearly, your images tell the story!

Clearly, right-sized images are essential, but I have some hard news for you, websites and brand designs that are made by amateurs, look amateur. That is why hiring professionals for your imagery makes a difference. Your branding imagery is what is promoting you, your biz and your brand. So not only do you need professional pictures of yourself, you need to decide on a brand voice/style that will roll through all the images you use on your website, blogs, ad social media posts.

Please don’t ‘use’ any old image from the internet. Go to a site that offers free images, or buy a pack of images. Having the right to use an image and getting the correct size shows professionalism and care. You want to be compensated for your work, then you must want artists & photographers to get compensated for their work too. I have a Shutterstock subscription, but Canva, Adobe all have either a free version or a very affordable download charge. No more stretching images, or having watermarks signaling you are out of your league. Here are a few more sites: Unsplash, DeathtotheStockPhoto

Now about those pictures of you. Professionals understand and know how to communicate your brand– they do it every day, you may know your business but they know design.  Taking the time and effort to invest in your brand demonstrates that you are taking your business seriously and conveys that message to your clients. The best money I’ve ever spent on my brand is on a branding photographer. And lucky you, that branding photographer (Andrea Blakesberg) will be speaking at the TrueSelf Branding Day Retreat at the Addison on August 20th. Click here for tickets!

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