I have a new mantra…

I deserve better.

This concept is not new to me but I never ever took it to heart. Sure intellectually I believe we all deserve better, but to really think it, and make decisions based on it. Nah.

This harkens back to being taught to be a good girl, put others first, be accommodating, be nice, and be friendly and yes those can all be good things. But… at the detriment of your own welfare? If you are a true crime aficionado like me you know that can wind you up at the bottom of a lake, in a barrel ‘ala Dexter. I still wonder how it was possible to live through the 70s and not meet a serial killer. I guess the whole “don’t speak unless you are spoken to” generation is a reason we all got into so many bad situations. We just didn’t get the memo to stand up for ourselves and ask for what we wanted. And anyone who did – got taken down real quick.

Wanting to have better relationships, situations, living conditions, and business opportunities can tie into the whole manifesting the future and positive-speak. However, my new mantra is the bomb. It applies to everything little thing.

You deserve better.


Boomer but better.

Even though my birth year technically classifies me as a Boomer, I have never felt like one. Luckily I just read an awesome description about generations and Pluto and the like (you know I am a bit woo-woo) and taa-daa I am an Early Gen Xer, years 1956-1972 (read about it here at Chani). Ok, ignore the Pluto stuff if that trips you up, just take what makes sense to you.

1937-1958 Pluto in Leo – BABY BOOMERS
1956-1972 Pluto in Virgo – EARLY GEN X
1971-1984 Pluto in Libra – LATE GEN X
1983-1995 Pluto in Scorpio – MILLENNIALS
1995-2008 Pluto in Sagittarius – EARLY GEN Z
2008 -present Pluto in Capricorn – LATE GEN Z & GEN ALPHA

Why the heck does this matter?

Back to branding.

Because great branding needs a target market and to solve a specific pain point, knowing which generation you are addressing is the only smart move. Understanding what drives them, their fears and their aspirations will make a difference in your marketing materials. Often I get asked about marketing first, and branding second. That would be putting the cart in front of the horse. Cart? Horse?

I can use an old outdated term like that because you, my target market, fall into Boomer, Early Gen X, and Late Gen X gets it. That doesn’t mean I don’t have some Millennials and Early Gen Zs sprinkled in there but the focus is on an earlier birth year. (Notice how I didn’t say older, damn I said it).

Fleshing out your brand before you start to ‘sell’ it will pay off in the end. Less wasted energy going down the wrong rabbit hole, learning which is the right rabbit hole and how best to catch that rabbit! That is what branding first does.

I want you to use the “I deserve better” mantra yourself and see how it feels. You’ll find it starts to upgrade your life and your expectations. Based on your generation you will feel like you deserve different things, and that’s ok. Everyone is allowed their own wishes. This doesn’t mean if I get more you get less. This is not cake. Remember we are flying around space on a rock, paying taxes. Let that sink in.

A present for you!

April Fools Day has come and gone already but we’re still in my birthday month! And to celebrate, I believe you deserve better, so I am giving $200 off a Brand Audit, use the code¬†SPECIAL!

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