I ‘effin’ LOVE this marvelous old movie.

Auntie Mame is my Branding Genius

1958 was a long long time ago. But that is when my mom’s favorite movie came out. Auntie Mame. I’ve watched it many times as it cycled through the Saturday morning movies on network TV when I was a kid and only recently watched it as a full-grown adult. And wow, is it an amazingly forward-thinking, almost radical movie. There are tragic deaths, an orphan, market crash, unwed mother, salacious relationships, questionable morals, swearing, drinking, fantastic clothes, wild jewelry, elegant interiors, crazy parties, I ‘effin’ LOVE this movie.

But why do I think Auntie Mame is a branding genius? She is particularly resourceful at re-inventing herself with whatever means she can find. She’s been up then down then up then recovered from a tragedy. She is open to learning and new experiences, genuine in her care, and respect for others. Really, she is my role model. Chameleon-like she changes her entire world to accompany her new ventures. However, she always maintains her own special style and heart.

She understood how setting the stage adds to the experience. She stays calm even in the face of critical decent. Boy, I wish I could do that. With her clever words, she is able to make her point without causing a ruckus. Keeping her cool whole cooly dismantling her antagonist. Auntie Mame is consistent in her brand, even after she’s changed it. That is the kind of branding I strive for. True to the core but fluid in the look of the moment. However long that moment is.

Branding should be recognizable yet it still needs to be surprising. Finding the winding storyline where you can entice your client/tribe/followers with something they weren’t expecting, yet keeping one foot firmly on your brand base. There is just too much beauty and creativity in the world to not try everything. Perhaps the road it leads you will be totally new!

trueselfbranding mame

Branding Like Auntie Mame!

Go on …LIVE, LIVE, LIVE! Go out on that wacky limb and do what you think might be risky but fun! Let me be your Auntie Mame and we’ll soar through your brand and see what treasures we can find! DM or email me and we’ll have 30 minutes of branding gold! Yes, like Mame I can be a bit much, watch Too Many Choices Tuesday -my live video every Tuesday at 10 am to find out more. Or maybe you want a quick pick-me-up in the do-it-yourself- kind of way, check out the Brand Fix Kit.


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