If a tree falls…

The saying goes, when a tree falls in a lonely forest, and no animal is nearby to hear it, does it make a sound? So I pose the question if you celebrate the holidays alone at home is it still celebrating? Does observation affect the outcome? Ok, some pretty heavy stuff for my light happy cheery Christmas email isn’t it! As I reflect on all the many holiday seasons I have experienced, some good, some not so much, I do think that the core of celebrating is to be heard, be seen, in an experience with others. and you know what comes next… for my next magic trick, I will equate this to branding! Of course!

Even though all that social media is choreographed and filtered to look ah-mazing, somehow it is still a shared experience. The viewer is entangled with the creator. What if no one sees the post? Yeah, tree falling in a lonely forest. But there will be at least 1 person who sees your post. But that is not the object of social media, the object is to be seen, heard, liked, commented, shared, and saved. If your budget is a little short this season, get comfy, grab your phone and start spreading some cheer to all the folks you follow who have businesses.

For Realz.

Just when we all think we understand the method of playing by the social media rules, they change them, for fun. To mess with our heads! So to celebrate all those fun folks you follow on Instagram or Facebook because you are not going anywhere, you are not even getting out of your sweat pants! Social media is a necessity, like putting out cookies for Santa. Sure you ‘don’t have to’ but I bet your gifts under the tree are better if you do!

Please ‘gift’ them this:

♥ – Like the post

4 – Make a comment with at least 4 words

Δ – Save the post (only if you like it, use the flag icon on the Insta’ right-hand side or upper right 3 dots Facebook)

If you are feeling really generous, you will tag others and tell them to check out the account so they can maybe pick up new followers. This small action will translate into a LOT for any business on social media. This isn’t a burden, or creepy in any way, it is a way you can provide support to your entrepreneur friends.

Celebrate my Facebook live sessions, Too Many Choices Tuesday every Tuesday at 10 am. Then let’s talk for a free 30-minute brand overview of where you are on your brand, and what you could do next. DM or email me and we’ll set something up!

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