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You don’t have to be a designer to think creatively, you need to be decisive. And guess what…it doesn’t matter what you choose, because you are going to grow and change. The biggest, badest, hardest thing is to choose your look. Your brain says “oh no… I will have to live with this forever” ah yeah, no. Like every other brand since the beginning of time, you will grow and change. Just like when you picked your niche. You wanted to serve everyone but that means you serve no one. When you pick your niche, you also pick a niche look. Once you pick a direction, stick with it until it doesn’t work for you, give it 6 months. Write the date in your calendar. So no more boring average design. Be bold, go for it!

The Method

Here’s the Movie method. Do you like movies, do you like a particular movie? Did you know you can find the color palette for your favorite movie on Pinterest? Search movie colors and you can find your favorite movie and the palette used. Follow that inspiration! Just go to Pinterest and search ‘movie colors’ and you will find tons of palettes from all your favorite movies!

Now extend that to your brand, use the palette on your website and social posts. Your brand should be recognizable without your logo anywhere to be found. That is when you know you’ve set your brand up for success. I think a brand should not look bland, or basic. You will end up looking like everyone else. You won’t stand out and you will blend into all the millions of other brands like yours. You are unique and your brand should be too. I will share more inspiration ideas for your brand so stay tuned!


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