Invest in Stocks! wut? Invest in Bitcoin! eiiik?

We get so many messages about investing. What does it really mean? Well, the actual definition is to expend money (or time) with the expectation of achieving a profit. Of course, we know that if you invest in yourself you’ll see a positive return. Meaning, if you invest time at the gym, you’ll see muscles as a result. If you invest in meditating, you’ll see calm results. What about investing in your brand? You’ll see positive results in your business. It doesn’t always immediately translate into financial rewards but that investment can bring you more followers, more engagement, which will increase your social cred which turns into cash at some point. That is what is so hard about investing. The results aren’t immediate, they take time and work. (Financial planners all over the world are standing on their desks applauding right now).

As a solopreneur, you might feel guilty investing in your fledgling business. However without any investment of time, money, resources, courses it just stays a dream or time-consuming hobby. How do you actually get it to the point where you are seeing some results? There are 3 stages of investors, stage 1 is like at the gym you’ll have the dabbler, who might pick up a 2# weight (which is about the same as a couple of gallons of ice cream) run a little on the treadmill, and call it a night. Stage 2 is the weekend warrior, going all out 2 days a week and the rest is spent Netflix and chill. Stage 3, invested, working toward a goal of becoming a bodybuilder, planning workouts to include leg day! Keywords are working and planning. They really are the magic words of investing.

How can you invest in your brand? How about a free Mission Statement Webinar? A 3-day challenge starting June 15! If you can’t watch the live webinar you can watch it on replay. This investment will take you to the next step in your branding. It is the first piece of the puzzle that needs the most time investment. Click here to sign up.

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