It’s Your Job If You Are an Entrepreneur

You have heard the saying…Wearing too many hats. Well, if you are an entrepreneur, you are.

Did you realize in addition to your “regular” business whatever that might be, selling cookies or giving massages you have another business you run in the background? You know, the one that keeps the front business afloat? Yeah, too many hats for sure. Unless you are Kim Kardashian and have a staff of assistants you are probably doing this all yourself.

Let’s talk about delegating, again.

Below is a list of about 20 fillable job positions that you, as an entrepreneur, fill, if not every day at least every week. Holeeeee Shenanigans Batman. Look at this list!!! Right now you are remembering the last time you did each and every one of those jobs! I bet you are feeling a little exhausted right now. Sorry about that, but realistically you are in charge of All.Of.It.All.The.Time.

  • Bookkeeper
  • Tax Accountant
  • Manager
  • Visionary
  • Blogger
  • Customer Service Rep
  • PR Publicist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Marketer
  • Collaborator
  • Salesperson
  • Payment Collector
  • Procurement Department (supplies, equipment)
  • Student/Intern (learning new apps, new methods, new programs, getting coached)
  • PA- update schedules, plan meetings, correspondence
  • Public Speaking
  • Create Printed Items
  • Create Promo Gifts
  • Create Business and Promotional Plans

Oh, and yeah, you are still producing those cookies you sell or doing those massages you give. Where do you find the time? The smart ones get help, planning out the exact strategy will align a lot of those ‘jobs’ and help to find the right person at the right price to get them done, taking that load off your shoulders. Because you can’t slough off any of the above-mentioned jobs, all of them are integral to keeping your main business alive and happy. I want to keep you and your business happy so jump to the next step!

Step 1 
Get a Brand Audit, this will give you a very clear picture of what needs delegating.
Step 2 
Implements the actual doing of the jobs! – Brand Strategy works out your best-personalized strategy.

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