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I’m a confidence powerhouse, bold genuine, and the last 3 months have drained me of my mojo. Things were really looking good in January. I was involved with a few events, my private coaching was taking off. In Feb, I finally arranged and booked an event at a very swanky location. Then March happened. Like the rest of the world, everything stopped. Total stop. All my motivation, energy and drive went right out the window. So how you doin’?

I know this stuff backward and forwards. I wake up early, shower, get dressed (in real clothes, WITH shoes!) put on makeup, and set up the office for a productive day. I start out with writing in my journal about feelings, and anything bugging me to get it out on paper and out of my head. Then I do a 10 min guided meditation. Yes, I am serious.

How to UNSTUCK yourself

I joined groups, I listened to podcasts, I AM STUCK. I am not here to show the ‘chocolate-side’ meaning only the good stuff. I am willing to show you behind the curtain and admit that even a confident, 30+ year business veteran can also get stuck. It can feel spammy to be posting about business when there are so many other important things going on it the world around us. But life and business must go on. How are you ‘pivoting’? I think we are going to be facing an even deeper digital marketplace. On one hand, getting to and from meetings on the computer has saved me time and gas!

So if you are struggling with motivation, creativity blocks, and stalled initiative, let’s talk! There are a million blogs out there that will tell you to try these steps to break the block. Here are the ones I advise or have tried.

MoJo Getters

  • Get up. Get out of your pj’s or day yoga pants.
  • Put on shoes (not slippers, not flip flops)
  • Put on some makeup, or mascara (at least) this is to make YOU feel good not to make others feel better.
  • Try some meditation, I use Headspace if you can’t then just stare out the window with the timer on your phone for 6-8 min.
  • Try some journaling, write out your fears, worries, lists of should’s. Stuff that is bugging you. Then write some good stuff…like, I am ok, I have gotten through lots of things in my life… start really general then make it more specific until your brain doesn’t believe it.
  • Have breakfast, have lunch, plan when you intend for ‘quittin’ time’ stick to it.
  • Schedule your social media deep dives… allow for time to scroll, read, view but set a timer. You can make several breaks in the day or this. Especially on Facebook live, Too Many Choices Tuesday’s at 10 am with yours truly!
  • Take breaks, can you walk the dog, walk around the house? Do you have a pool, dive-in! Quick visual breaks with movement can inspire and help clear your head.
  • Call a coach or friend who will tell you like it is.

Now What?

You Are Your Brand! If you don’t determine your brand, people will brand you whether you like it or not. So you need to get your mojo back in the program. You can start with Too Many Choices Tuesday, where I am spreading TrueSelf Branding’s mission of gaining confidence in branding. Getting stuck in too many choices tends to stall us out. You know what you want but are afraid of making the wrong decision. Poppycock!

Evolve! Often we worry about moving forward because we are not 110% sure it’s right or perfect. Perfection is a success killer. Striving for excellence will get you further, faster than the dead-end of perfection ever will! Branding is more than a logo, it is the authentic soul of your mission.

  • I believe that you can create, control and have confidence in your brand.
  • Living with a vibrant and exciting brand is something to be proud of.
  • Streamline your brand to be as clear as possible makes it easy to sell.

I am offering a free 30-minute brand overview, a 30,000ft view of where you are on your brand, and what you could do next. DM or mabalaun@gmail.com  and we’ll set something up!

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