Love Your Brand

Kiss Kiss!

You did your True Self Branding Workshop, and where are you now? Did you make any decision? Any changes? Did you launch something? Love yourself, love your brand and keep up the momentum. Even if it is just taking out your notebook and review what you wrote. That is loving you. Taking time for your dream.

Where have you been getting distracted?

What will your life look like in 3 years if you don’t take action?

Who are you spending your time with and how is it affecting your life?

Have you introduced yourself using any of the techniques we discussed? You forgot, right? Here is a little refresher… What is the solution you provide to their issue? That is how to start your intro. Here are 2 quick examples: 

Instead of – I help people organize: 

“Ever worry about where all your important papers are? Or if you have a ‘paperwork’ plan for emergencies? I am your paperwork genie. I make organizing your paperwork easy, effortless and efficient!”

Instead of – I write copy for my clients:

“Words can make people feel emotions, and words can show them how they can I help, I help my clients express the emotions behind the words to enliven their web presence.

Love your brand, enjoy your own special flavor in what you do. You are enough, you are the expert in doing it your way. Go for it.  

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