Like Getting an MBA in Branding...but faster and more fun!

Private Coaching Can Create an Unforgettable Brand


Just like creating a magic illusion, creating a brand and profitable business starts with a lot of groundwork.

This private coaching will assist you in creating and developing your business brand that inspires, using your best talents, interests, and abilities in the style that suits you.

We will take it from concept to concrete so you will have an actual Brand Guide at the completion which can clearly define and guide any VA or Web help.

Of course, this is an enormous amount of work that includes you as your decisions are the most important. The work will outline and define each step and as you evolve you can go deeper into any topic in separate coaching.

Your Brand, Your Business


We will make the tea, drink the tea, and spill the tea. In our one-to-one private coaching, you will discover and define many of these topics related to your biz.

Biz Niche
Email Campaigns, Collection, Signature
Guest Blogging
Landing pages
Media Kit
Mission Statement
Public Speaking
Social Media Campaign
Social Media Profiles
Vision Statement

"Michelle’s guidance and support were invaluable as we worked to brand our company. She provided us with unique insights that helped us identify our core values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. She was always professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Michelle went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction, and she truly cares about her clients’ success." -Cece

The Magic

~I ‘put on your brand’ like a couture gown and think like your business

~I don’t just turn it on for our meetings, I am researching and developing plans to express your unique creation

~ I bring solutions that are up-to-date trends, technology, and real-time info

~I will support and promote you on social media will follows, likes, and shares to give you a boost

~ I will gift you an image pack of licensed images to use on social media and the web

The Secrets

~ How to develop an expressive brand “hook”

~ Develop your viewpoints and what your brand stands for and how to interpret them for your brand

~ Well-thought-out and calculated plans for a re-launch

~Systematic plans for up-to-date Social Media posting and engagement

~ Future ideas for a possible course or speaking or book development

~ Fun product swag concepts

“Before Michelle worked with me, my branding game was like a sad, tragic bowling trip – nothing but gutter balls all day! But now? Hah! With Michelle’s fine-tuning, I got the right moves, and the perfect groove, and we’re just knocking down pins like they owe us money! Pow!" - Toni

What Can I Expect?

Your Brand Guideline is your cache of all things about your brand.
We will keep all your finished documents in Google Drive so we can make a final version. You will be able to refer to it every time you look for your logo, color codes, your bio, or profiles. It will contain everything about your brand. You can share it with any graphic designer or web designer and they will be able to step directly into your brand.
This will keep a clean brand consistency and a very specific design direction that exactly represents your brand.

~We'll schedule the 8 calls or meetings in advance.
~Bi-weekly Zoom CALL or in-person MEET lasts ~90 min
~The HOMEWORK week is a chance to thoughtfully and effectively get your homework completed.
~Homework is also for research, brain work, and the collecting of ideas/designs.
~Unlimited email or text contact for questions, and clarifications.
~Freebie Week is your chance to focus on something special just for your brand. We will both notify - whenever we need to reschedule with 'enough' lead time

“I found myself getting stuck on how to speak to what seemed like two different audiences, our clients and our team members and Michelle helped me gain both the clarity and confidence to fully embrace our unique value.” - Laura

I have been in your shoes!


Brand Director. Brand Strategy. Detail and overview expert. Survived the 70s.

A theater director is part of the cast, the most important member. It is their vision that creates a cohesive show. Without a director, it's all jumbled pieces. As a Brand Director, I collaborate with clients to bring their vision to fruition on their website, social media, and public speaking. It's me, Michelle. The whole magic show.

The magic happens when you focus on clarity, consistency, and creativity. MAGIC COACHING is intensive. It's for you if you are ready to get serious about having the concept and the plan for your brand ready at your fingertips. No more waiting, no more excuses, you will have the details in your hand ready to execute at your convenience.

This is for you if...

...You are a solopreneur who has been stalled on the next steps

...You feel like your brand got created by accident and it’s not cohesive at all

...Clueless, you think you might know what you want but have no idea how to start

...Your concept has changed but your brand has not

...You’re stuck getting your website launched

...Your social media profiles are a jumble

...Blogging, or emailing has you frustrated


Why 3 Months?

Let's face it you have been procrastinating and now you're in a big rush to "fix" everything. Here is where the magic helps, we will take the time to do the work so your clarity and true evolution can come through in all your content. Fast is not always best.

Your next excuse is, financially I am not in the position, guess what the longer you wait the worse the situation will get. So I have a convenient 3-month payment plan to help you work the magic with the moolah.

My issue is, I don’t have a focus.

If you don’t have a focus you are leaving money on the table. Clarifying your target market, mission and your visual representation will make your brand clearer and the ability to decipher what your market really needs easier, which = making more sales.

You are ready, finally to get this train on the right track. Crystallizing your focus and narrowing your concept to fully, clearly, and expressively present your branded business to the world!

"I would not have found the essence of my value, business, and differentiators without Michelle" - Yuli

I want magic.

You have wanted to get your brand clear, you’ve asked your best friends for advice, you wish you could look more professional and polished. Well, I have the magic wand to give more than an overnight success, I can show you the path of growing and evolving your business on your own, with confidence and grit!

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