Does Your Branding Headache Need Some Magic?

What is your BIG branding headache? It would be awesome if I really did have a magic wand to remove your biggest branding headache…but I have something close. I have been where you are now. I have fretted over the next steps: if I am going to deep or too wide with my market reach, should the logo be pink or orange, am I doing this right…  How do I make the ‘right’ decision? Here is the magic…. you will never be perfect, you will always be evolving. You are making the best decision for the time, place, situation you are in right now.

What are the Most Common Headaches?

These are the most asked, most common issues that people ask about when they are branding their business. Which of these is your sticking point?

There are answers to all of these topics, but all of them have one thing in common. Fear of making a mistake. What if I choose wrong, what if I do/say/publish something stupid, yes you probably will make a mistake at some point. Or find out you could have made a better decision with more information. That is where the magic comes in, you can change your mind, evolve, make a 180. And I can help! Send me a message with your biggest headache and I’ll answer you with a magic incantation that will fix it!

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