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I have a lot of energy, it’s like a lucky magical charm for me. I have a get-it-done mentality when it comes to work, projects, and the like. However, I have lost the spark. like letting all the air out of the dirigible, then trying to pump it back in, it’s going to take a minute… I feel like all the air has been knocked out of me and as I try to jump into the week and push go but there just isn’t any oomph left. My agreeableness is deflated, my magnetism is dulled, and the lure of a shining sparky personality is null. I know with social media we show our ‘chocolate-side’ (this is a german saying meaning showing your best side, they have a biscuit cookie that has chocolate on one side they were my favorites). Outing yourself that you are low on energy and you are attracting the wrong kinds of energy shows too much vulnerability.

Just like an energizer bunny who has the wrong battery installed, I have reached my lockdown limit. I want my life back. I want easy back. I want predictability back. I want to plan a vacation, to visit friends in Europe. I want things to stop being so dramatic. When you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur and you must keep the business wheels turning….what do you do? If you are feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed if your creativity has flown out the window. Just closing the window (meaning turning everything off) won’t necessarily give you your mojo back. How are you getting your magical personal charm back?

I would love to tell you I have these 5 ways to get back into the game, but I don’t. If I did I would use them myself. I was stymied at having to create ‘content’ today. So I thought getting real and vulnerable would be my only option. My magical personal charm has taken a real hit. So I guess I am here to tell you it’s ok. That you’ll get through it. One step at a time. I am indulging in a lot of heavy sighing. I am not beating myself up for eating a pint of ice cream last night (it was Enlightened so at least I was a little bit good). I am giving myself some short term wins of easy stuff I can do. Building a momentum of energy is the best way forward. I think. I hope. Let me know how you are or are not coping. Yes, my Facebook Live sessions, Too Many Choices Tuesday still happen every Tuesday at 10 am.

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