Remember Mr. Magoo? Well, meet Mr. Vogoo!

Talk about not matching… here is a story about Mr. Vogoo for you girls and boys, pull up a chair and I will tell you,

Long ago and far away, I was out on the town. Actually, I was at the county fair in Düsseldorf which is temporarily built on the banks of the Rhein river. It’s the same everywhere, rides, games, food trucks selling candy, sausages, and beer. You meet all kinds of people and the overall atmosphere is fun, music and …beer. At some point, I must have given my number to someone. The next day I got a call to meet for a coffee… ok why not. I had no idea who I would meet, not a lot of memories from the night before because while in D’dorf you could walk home or take a subway. So I admit to a lot of beer.

I said we could meet at my regular cafe where everyone knows me so I would have good ‘escape opportunities if I wanted to leave. This guy walks in, nice enough, we started the normal conversations, where are you from, what do you do. When it was my turn I explained my exotic pedigree of being an American in the fashion industry in Europe. I was explaining the brand that I worked for and he had no clue. At the time I was working for St John Knits which in the 90s and 00s was super popular. I threw out several brand names that I thought he would recognize, Escada, Laurel, Max Mara, no? Then I ratcheted it up to Chanel, LV, or Versace, blank look, I was trying to explain like in high fashion magazines. Luckily there was a rack of magazines that are there for you to read while drinking your coffee. I point to Vogue and say we advertise in magazines like this.

Finally, his eyes showed some kind of recognition, and says ohhhhhh Vogoooooo yes he said vo-goo.

I knew it instantly in my heart, there was absolutely no match here. I got up. And left.

This might seem cold but I was super clear about my viewpoints and not having any connection at all to the main focus in my life at that time, I just called it. Be proud of your viewpoint, it’s ok to limit your connections.

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