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You have a thrilling, meaningful message. One that will help people, give them news or change their life in a good way. You create your message and you want it to ‘have legs’, travel over through and around the internet, hopefully leading the masses back to you to buy your stuff.

But what if it doesn’t? Now what?

There are so many messages out there yours needs to appear several times to have an effect on your audience. What is your effective frequency? There are many theories about how many times someone needs to see your message before they buy from you, but before you become spam. Repetitive messages become more believable each time they are read, as the message becomes more familiar it achieves trust and truth in the mind of the reader. So yeah this is part of my effective frequency, do you have a frequency?

Your branding should carry through in your message. Having your message be recognizable to your tribe will help them find you in the midst of all those other messages. It is not so much about the speed as it is the consistency.

Be Consistent

Create a calendar and try to stick to it. If you are going to post daily, then plan for it. If you are going to do a Facebook live, then plan to do it the same time the same day. This consistency gives your message more power. It is expected and not intrusive. Your tribe knows that you are going to be posting so they are expecting that. Wow isn’t that better than a random, whatever, whenever way of connecting on social media? Having your tribe know that you will be presenting content ups the chances that they will actually see your content and interact with it. And isn’t that the whole point of this media exercise?

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