Remember complaining about networking?

Admit it, you miss networking now!

I LIKE CONTROL. Now that I have a few weeks under my belt, a belt I can no longer close…

I am learning about control and how much that really affects my mood. There’s so little we can control right now. You can’t control if there will be toilet paper in the store if and when you want to go and buy some. That is really hard for our American brains to manage. We’ve been so used to everything, our way, all the time. Suddenly we are faced with learning to consider and calculate benefits, risks and how it might affect others, also you really feel like going to a networking event!

WHEN IT’S OVER. And yes, it will eventually be over…

Have you planned the first place you will visit when we are allowed back into the streets? Have you considered who you will hug or shake hands with? Have you thought about how you will live your life at a different pace? What am amazing time to be able to reset, rethink, reconsider EVERYTHING! Ok ok, I am a bit Pollyannaish, but can you blame me? There will be new ways to create businesses, make money, of course, many people will have a very difficult transition and go through incredible hardships, however, history shows us that every turn of the century a new epoch begins. Agriculture to industry to information to… whatever is getting created now.

GET TO THE POINT. Being direct has never been my problem…

The TrueSelf Branding Day WAS scheduled for today, and I’m still not sure when I can reschedule. But while I’ve been on lockdown I designed the Brand Fix Kit which can help you do a little DIY on your brand. I’m still putting the final touches on the audio files and pdf’s but I will be ready soon! Now is a perfect time to consider how you can fulfill the needs of your clients and what service can you provide in a virtual way. Get your branding fixed!

TRUESELF Branding Day at The Addison will be rescheduled at some point when we are allowed to be in the same room with each other! The specially priced ticket is available until the new date is set! Be sure you invest in your business by setting aside the time to attend.
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