A new work model?

How do we define this new way of work?

I call it the great equalizer. No one really has the formula for how to manage this new work model. Late-night hosts also struggle with phone videos, sound connections, and structure. There really is a difference when you don’t have a team of hundreds of people with state of the art equipment. We are all in the same boat! Everyone is doing zoom calls from the living room, the home office, with dogs, cats, kids. It really is very liberating to know that we all have the same struggles and are looking for toilet paper. Here are some thoughts:

It’s ok if your zoom background isn’t perfect.

It’s ok if your hair & makeup is not perfect.

It’s ok if your internet connection freezes up or drops.

It’s ok if you are wearing sweatpants for days and days.

Perfect is not going to give you any good feelings, you will always fall short of perfection. BUT…excellence, you can strive for excellence in what you are doing. Each time you do something you learn more and develop a new skill. This chaos is giving us the chance to learn new skills and practice them. Wow, you would NEVER have had the time to do this before. Yes, we can all go down the rabbit hole of washing your hands, then wiping down the groceries, then wiping down the wipes container, then washing your hands again, aiiiiieeeeh. Does it ever end? But there is something good to be had out of this situation.

It has slowed us down. We have more time to think, reflect and revise our way of life. My family experience was with parents who grew up just after the depression, so habits of use only what you need, don’t buy the stuff you can’t afford and make do, was part of my upbringing. I think/hope/wish that when we come out of this we will have more of those elements ingrained in our lives. Slower, softer and more compassionate. More understanding and less judgy. We’ve got this, and we will get through this.

Zoom tip: Canva now has Zoom backgrounds!

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