Are you paving the way for your next steps?

You won’t understand the humor in this title unless you are sitting in my driveway. For the next 3 days, our little street is getting re-paved. Can you imagine the logistics of getting 70 houses all on board and following the do not drive on the newly paved street rules? It is just 3 days of ‘lockdown’ come on, we are all pro’s at lockdown by now! The HOA emails! so. many. emails. But today is day one of the 3-day process. It made me realize that we all have a process and a way of getting ready for the paving in our own lives.

Your life or your brand, the next steps.

Let’s take this step by step… I am using the brand concept but this can relate to any goal or path you have in your life.

  • The pre-paving, getting all the information, permits, assembling tools, and contractors who can do the actual jobs necessary.
  • Next comes the buy-in, getting those people around you (family, friends) to understand what will be expected, long uninterrupted hours for concentrated work, one-mindedness of your project (it will be boring for them)
  • Reviewing the intended area. Choosing the path. (narrowing the focus to the end result) Heck, even deciding on the end result. If you start with your ending in mind, your course will be more direct and purposeful.
  • Then comes the stripping off old layers of unwanted, unnecessary beliefs, fears, and junk. This means cleaning off your desk, closing tabs on the computer, putting the phone down for a while
  • Removing the old junk out of the new environment, you can’t lay new tracks over old bumpy junk in the road, can you?
  • Ready, are we ready to pave now?
  • Do you have all the necessary components assembled, (your mission, your voice, your logo, your content, your social media calendar?) If not go back and get ready. Each of these aspects needs to be fleshed out.
  • Now comes the smoothing of the path, filling in the missing chunks, creating the best possible path. Is it perfectly straight, no. Is it perfectly level, no. Is it perfectly imperfect, absolutely!

The path we choose will always have twists, turns, and unforeseen surprises, but that doesn’t mean we give up. It means we figure out the resolution and keep going. The best part is that this will have to be done again in the future because this path, this once new shiny path we have worked so hard to layout will get old, form holes, get chipped away at on the corners. That’s ok, that is evolution. You will know when it’s time to smooth out your path, but for now, enjoy the nice smooth road ahead.

Ready to pave? Need more motivation, watch my Facebook Live sessions every Tuesday at 10 – Too Many Choices Tuesday. Or we can chat about it, a free 30-minute brand overview of where you are on your brand, and what you could do next. DM or email me and we’ll set something up! But for sure, sign up for my emails!

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