Piece of Cake!

Cut yourself a piece of cake!

It’s been one year since the first beta-class of True Self Branding happened in Oct 2018, whether you were in the first round or the second in Jan 2019 it’s a “year”. Take a minute to think about what you HAVE accomplished, don’t keep moving the goalposts. Embrace every stage of your journey, everything you have gotten done up to right now. Otherwise, it will never be enough and you will stay unsatisfied. We don’t want that!

The best part of the journey is we get to keep learning and growing, I like to call it evolving. Things change and you adapt. I would love to hear about where you’re at in your business development, reply and let me know. I do have a surprise, a new Branding Style Method is happening, April 2020 at The Addison, we will be taking branding, confidence, and adding lots of layers with sweet, sweet icing!

Being confident about you, your brand and knowing the next steps you need to take for your business is always on your todo list. Let’s get it done and move it off your list! Join 28 businesswomen in early April for a luxurious day at The Addison where we will turn the next steps into a cake-walk!

The Addison Location

Designed by Addison Mizner in 1926, this exquisite venue is considered one of the most important pieces of architecture in South Florida and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Ideas flow better when they are near the sparkling sounds of the fountain in the tree-shaded courtyard, breakout sessions, and lunch under the giant banyan tree. El Greco & El Camino, private rooms for working on our style method and all the planning steps that follow. You will end the day with solid tips, ideas and actual solutions to your branding and business and feel as special as the location.

Day Plan

Morning Session ~ We will unpack that mysterious catchall word “branding” and unmask it, manage it, then move on to develop your own personal brand that you can evolve and shape in your own branded way.
Lunch ~
Afternoon Session ~ The “now what” step by step recipes on all the next moves you need to make. Clever help sheets, real-world actionable advice and how to manage your expectations of social media. You get it by now, that this will make your branding stress into a piece of cake!
Bubbly Toast ~ It just wouldn’t be an event without a bit of bubbly!

Want to reserve one of the 28 VIP spots? Sign up here and you’ll be notified as soon as the cart opens.

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