Drat, Thwarted!

The villain thwarts the superhero! You have plans and schedules, then BAM-BOP, thwarted!

  • successfully oppose
  • defeat hopes or aspirations
  • effectively oppose or baffle

I know you are like me, you have a schedule and a plan and everything should go along according to the expectations you have. Then something changes, COVID happens, a client cancels, the thing you thought would come through – doesn’t. This was not the way you wanted things to go. This is not how things should be!

You can go all ballistic and start singing the blues, oh woe is me, things never work out, blah-blah, whine-whine, cry-cry. How far will that get you? Sure it might fuel some wine-inspired lyrics or a dip into the melancholy pool. But all in all going dark on this is not going to do anyone any favors. Least of all your mood, attitude, or momentum. So where do you go from here?


The easiest way to describe a pivot is turning to rebalance. This is something you will be faced with no matter the time or circumstance. This is just a life thing. Divorces happen, businesses crash, people get sick, things just don’t always go smooth as silk. But you have a choice. Sometimes the turn to rebalance in our lives is, in the long run, the best thing that happens. I have many decades to look back on and I can see the situations I thought were a real crash in the side of the mountain type of thing turned out to be what led me down a new path to wonderful things.

We are in a particularly pivotal time period. There are so many choices, too many in fact. Sometimes it makes it hard to choose the next steps. But it is possible. And the steps and paths are there. You might have to re-group, brainstorm a new method, or meditate, journal, eat ice cream or open a bottle of Brenne (by the way NOT an ad, I just love the stuff). Try turning the idea over in a new way. Is it freeing up more time? Is it waking you up out of complacency? This change is not a referendum on you, it is just an event that is happening at this time. Don’t take it personally, work with what it is offering you. Yes, you WILL have to put on your big girl (or big boy, or unisex) panties. Because you are an adult and you have a working business, that alone is fantastic. This reminds me of a story that Tony Robbins tells, of a guy who has lost everything and is in debt millions of dollars, he sits down next to an old man at the docks. The old guy asks him his worries when the younger man relays the litany of bad luck, the old guys asks him, Do you know money? The young guy asks, you mean stocks, bonds, finance? No no, money, dollars, and cents. Can you, make change for a dollar? Do you know how many immigrants have come to this country with nothing in their pockets, learned everything, couldn’t even change a dollar? You already know more than they do and you’ve had the trust of someone to be able to lose millions, so you have some confident talents. Get back out there, sonny!

Often we forget how much we do know, how much we have already experienced. Use that get your momentum, face being thwarted. Need some thwarting help? Watch my Facebook Live sessions every Tuesday at 10 – Too Many Choices Tuesday. Or we can chat about it, a free 30-minute brand overview of where you are on your brand, and what you could do next. DM or email me and we’ll set something up! But for sure, sign up for my emails!

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