Stop Being a Brand-in-Waiting, Queen—Crown Your Business

Private Coaching Can Create an Unforgettable Brand


Private Brand Coaching will refresh and refocus your brand. If you’ve had a brand for a while and you’ve evolved, but your brand has not, it’s time for an update. This 4-month intensive Private Brand Coaching will get your brand action-ready. Crowning your brand with the benevolent queenly energy that encourages business growth. Like getting a limo ride, your direction, and your destination are managed by a professional.

Imagine having a hand-held walkthrough on all the twists and turns to rebrand or start up a new brand so you don’t get lost. I will guide you through the steps to get your brand ready. You need a confident driver to coordinate your ideas, everything from logos, colors, mission, web design, and the social media puzzle parts. It’s always better with a limo ride!

A Queen Has Discernable Taste


Knowing exactly what you want is a huge benefit when logistically planning how to approach everything in a manageable manner. But you don’t always know what you want. You can‘t know what you don’t know! Best practices have proven that 4 months is the best timing to get the work done to structure your brand to move forward. Our collaboration of ideas and directives will solidify each segment of branding. You are not going it alone, queen! Your Branding Fairy Godmother will bippity-boppity-boo you all the way!

"Michelle helped us build a brand image that would distinguish us from our competitors, we now have over 15K page views per month and have very strong name recognition." -Janice

Polish Your Silver

All Queens have a silver tea set, but it takes a lot of polish to keep it gleaming. So does your brand. Here is what we’ll polish:

Mission- A mission statement is extremely important because it gives your business a sense of direction and clarity about what to do.

Audience– understand exactly who your perfect client is. If you sell to everyone you sell to no one… we will narrow your audience into a specific tribe who will be happy to follow you.

Style- Pick a style that speaks your vision as a feeling or emotion, is it: sleek or romantic, fancy or sexy, traditional or ultra-hip… pick out images that speak to that style to express your brand.

Colors- Learn the meaning of colors and how to pick the ones that best represent your brand, and how to incorporate them into all you do!

Logo- Is the crowning glory! Finding the best version for your brand, how to get it designed, and how to let it evolve.


Make The Tea

Just like making tea for the queen, you need the right ingredients at the right time to make it all come together beautifully.

Website- Structuring the design and pages of your site to be user-friendly, brand consistent, and growable.

Style Blueprint- No matter what you call it, style guide, design brief, or brand elements, its purpose is to outline the aesthetics of all components, keeping your brand aligned.

Social Media– Choosing the right platforms you and your clients use and then using them the best way. Create the know, like, and trust engagement that social media requires.

Blog/Email- Ideas and prompts that express your brand and how to best use both as direct informational tools to your benefit.

Calendar- Planning makes everything easier. We’ll create a 6-12 month plan that encompasses your brand promotion.

“I found myself getting stuck on how to speak to what seemed like two different audiences, our clients and our team members and Michelle helped me gain both the clarity and confidence to fully embrace our unique value.” - Laura

Take off the tiara and put on your crown!


Each month starts off with a meeting to discuss the topics we’ll work on, look at the status of where you are and where you want to go. Then there is some magic wand waving involved, we’ll meet again to review the work, deal with any adjustments, and then move on to the next month. After 4 months you will have a personalized plan, a digital brand guideline folder you can refer to when fulfilling the work we’ve outlined.You really want to make the investment in your brand but private Brand Coaching sounds too queenly. What does a private Brand Coaching cost? Well, how will you grow your business if you don’t evolve? What effective changes will you make in the next 4 months alone? Or will you just be 4 months down the road still thinking about what you could do…

I have been in your shoes!


After many moons of corporate business life in the "Devil Wears Prada" industry both nationally and internationally, I sure have experienced a thing or two about branding. I trained on the basics right here in the heartland of the USA, then I learned luxury branding while living in Europe, working for the American brand St. John Knits. I have learned through all my years in the Fashion industry exactly how brands work and the best and easiest way to move forward in branding. The flexibility and understanding I gained from working with various countries have given me the open-mindedness needed to comprehend what a brand needs.

My name is Michelle and I started TrueSelf Branding so I could help solopreneurs like you find their way through the tangle of should, musts, and problems of branding your own business.

This is for you if...

...You are a solopreneur tho has been stalled on the next steps

...You feel like your brand got created by accident and it’s not cohesive at all

...Clueless, you think you might know what you want but have no idea how to start

...Your concept has changed but your brand has not

...You’re stuck getting your website launched

...Your social media profiles are a jumble

...Blogging, or emailing has you frustrated


Ring the bell for Help!

Why 4 Months?

Like any piece of fine jewelry fit for a queen, it takes time to build and create that crown. When the process is complete, you will have the plans are in your hand to activate, quite literally, you will have social media examples, you will have images, templates, calendars, and a renewed energy because now, even you believe in your brand.

My issue is, I don’t have a focus.

If you don’t have a focus you are leaving money on the table. Clarifying your target market, mission and your visual representation will make your brand clearer and the ability to decipher what your market really needs easier, which = making more sales.

"I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle’s guidance!" -Laura

I Believe in Queen Energy


Queen energy might not always be available to you every moment but it is what you strive for. You are creating your own dynasty with your own views and values. You are here to serve your particular audience. I am certain that we all have that strength inside us, sometimes you just need a guide to help express it to the world.
~Creator of your own experience
~Offering value and service
~Fearless elegance and grace
~Visionary, influencer, and guide
~Lead by example committed
~Have integrity, are trustworthy, and honest
~Authentic and belief in self, decisive
~Perseverance, determination, and ambition
~Gratitude and wisdom

I want more.

You have wanted to get your brand clear, you’ve asked your best friends for advice, you wish you could look more professional and polished. Well, like the fairy godmother of branding, I have the magic wand to give more than an overnight success, I can show you the path of growing and evolving your business on your own, with confidence and grit!

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